Xikar VX V-Cut Cigar Cutter Review

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This is V-Cutter from Xikar, but if you have used the Wolf V-Cutter from Xikar in the past then you know this is going to be a real treat. When I first heard of this new V-cutter from Xikar I got really excited, in the past this would not have been the case. I was never a fan of the V-Cut, I mean why would I want a funny looking notch taken out of my cigar when I can just have a straight cut?

Xikar VX V-Cut Cigar cutter

My love with the V-Cut started over a couple years ago, and I should clarify that. It is not a love with the “V-Cut’ but a love with one cutter. A friend of mine gifted me a Wolf V-Cutter probably close to 3 years ago now. First thought was “ok” thanks? I didn’t want a V-Cutter and besides I had a Xi cutter that I used. I put the Wolf in my truck door panel and pretty much forgot about it.To make a long story short I had no cutter with me one day and grabbed the Wolf to use it, and thats all it took. In one word, flawlessly! The blade cut through the cigar like a hot knife through butter. Needless to say this quickly became my go to cutter. I learned shorty after that it was sold by Xikar and they backed the product which pretty much explained everything.

Fast forward to today and Xikar has a new refreshing version of a metal V-Cutter coming out.. And the President of the company, Kurt Van Keepel, was gracious enough to send me one to try out.

xikar v cut cutter

Brand: Xikar
Model: VX V-Cut
Style: V-Cutter
Finish: Metal body with Gun Metal finish
Blade: Inverted V-Cut, Stainless Steel
Size: 4in x 1 1/2in
Release: Mid September to early October

The Cutter is made in a factory that makes all the Xikar knifes and also brands such as Gerber and CRKT. So I know it is made with superb quality and workmanship.


Looking at the cutter from the business side (top side) there is nothing fancy about it, nothing extreme. The cutter has a curved out surface on the top and all edges are rounded off including the finger holes. The bottom side is concave to give it a smaller profile (plus it can hold your cigar if you need to set it down) and has 6 small stainless steel hex head screws holding it together, this is a nice contrast against the flat gun metal finish of the cutter. Also embossed along the bottom is the trademark Xikar logo, really classy looking

 Xikar VX V-Cut, Gunmetal

Ease of use:

Being that this cutter has a metal body it has more heft to it then the plastic Wolf V-Cutter, giving it a much better feel in the hand. The cutter has two large finger holes, and a large bowl to place the head of the cigar in for the cut.This large bowl makes it easier then most V-cutters I have used or tried to use in the past, and along with the large finger holes I don’t see anybody having problems holding or using this cutter. Operating the blade is nice and smooth with just enough tightness to make it feel quality made and not cheap and loose.

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The best part, as it should be! The cut on this Xikar is just crazy, I have never had any cutter no matter size, style, or make that cuts better! There are two key factors to why this cutter works so well, of course the opening/bowl that you place the cigar head into. It is nice and deep, so you get a nice and deep cut with a wider opening then I have seen from other V-cuts. Part two is the blade, now the blade is very sharp but that is not the key to the good cut. Most blades on V-cutters start at a point and you are cutting the cigar from the inside (middle of the head) out. The blade on the Xikar is inverted, so you are cutting the cigar head from the outside moving in. This makes a very smooth clean cut with no tears to the wrapper at all. So you are left with a deep, wide, flawless cut every time.

Xikar VX V-Cut, Gunmetal


Do I really have to add this? If you don’t know by now then you need to. Xikar has a lifetime warranty. Any problems and they replace it! LIFETIME!

Overall Thoughts:

Not a whole lot to add here, you can tell from my review I love this cutter. I have used it on several cigars already and my friends have used it as well. All but one person was impressed right off the bat, the other thought it was a great cut but just didn’t like the way it felt in his hand. One last thing, the Wolf V that I use everyday has basically the same blade and has been used on roughly 900 to 1000 cigars between myself, my friends, and co workers. Besides the blade not being as sharp it still works and cuts perfectly and I expect the Xikar to do just as well if not better.

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