Xi MTX Multi-Tool Review

I got my hands on one of these while at the IPCPR Trade Show. I misplaced it and found it about a month ago. So I’ve been using it for the past month to see what I think of it.

Here are the details from the site regarding the tool.

[author title=”” image=”http://”]The ultimate mens tool! This lightweight, compact folding cigar scissors also includes a cigar poker, cigar box opener, screwdriver, and bottle opener. Cigar scissors can cut up to a 54 ring-gauge cigar. Handy for all occasions. Comes with key ring attachment for easy access. Total thickness: .2 inches. Total weight: 1.0 oz![/author]

As you can see from the description the tool is very small. I like the compact design it is easy to carry. Probably explains how I over looked it and it went for a ride in the dryer without any damage.

The draw poker, while short, has saved a couple cigars. The small screwdriver is nice for adjusting your lighters. I haven’t used the bottle opener yet it seems a bit small.

Alright now down to the whole reason we get cigar cutters to get cigars. It does take a little getting used to but the cutter does a fantastic job. Once you get the hang of it you can take some really shallow cuts only taking of a small amount of the cap. One problem I did notice is it does have an issue with pinching the cap on larger cigars, which I could avoid by giving the cigar a little twist while cutting.

Verdict: Due to the compact size and the control you can get over the cut of a cigar I love this cutter. If you consistently smoke cigars of a larger ring gauge though you might want to look at getting something else. Typically I smoke robustos and torpedos and the Xi MTX had no issues cutting those.

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  1. Harry

    December 30, 2017 at 2:36 am

    I’ve had a XIKAR Xi MTX Multi for about six months. I was using it quite a bit when I first got it, but the edge became dull pretty quick and I basically only use it now for bleeding my lighters and adjusting the flame screw. I notice that the screwdriver head is to small to adjust any of the XIKAR lighters with small screw adjustments. The ones with the large screw adjustment can be done without any tools. So I pretty much now have a 30.00 fuel bleeder. I would send it to XIKAR for a replacement but the few times I’ve done this in the past with other XIKAR products I had very poor luck. I sent an Xi cutter in and they replaced it with a brand new one that had screws falling out of it in the factory box. I returned that one and received a replacement that was the wrong color. I kept it and will give it to someone as a holiday gift.


  2. Danny Mayer

    December 30, 2017 at 2:40 am

    Hard to get a sense of the size of this tool. I wonder whether a more general Leatherman-type tool could incorporate some kind of cigar tools (scissors? punch? draw poker?).


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