What Are Whiskey Stones? Our Wiki Answer!

What Are Whiskey Stones?

Who doesn’t like whisky or whiskey? The nectar of sophistication is more than a drink…it is a signature fashion statement. One of the major conundrums of a whiskey drinker is how to chill the whiskey without diluting it. Yes, we all have been there. Ice and chilled water definitely adulterate the way whiskey is supposed to feel and taste. How do we resolve one of the biggest crises of all times?

Thank goodness! Teroforma– pioneers of Whiskey Stones, heard our prayers and gave us Whiskey Stones. New York Times hailed the rise of whiskey stones back in 2012 and their demand has only risen since then.

What are Whiskey Stones?

Whiskey Stones sometimes also called Whiskey Rocks are small cut cubes of natural stone used to chill the whiskey in your tumbler. They come in various sizes and shapes and are easy to store in the freezer.

A good bottle of whiskey can cost someone a small fortune and it’s a waste to use water and ice cubes to chill the whiskey…as it will only ruin its aged smoothness. Whiskey stones come to the rescue of taste and quality of a fine whiskey.

How do Whiskey Stones work?

There is a lot of physics going on in your whiskey glass while you are socializing with your family and/or friends and casually sipping the amber fire.

I am referring to the ‘Laws of Thermodynamics’ – without making it sound nerdish…when cold stones are put in a whiskey glass, as the whiskey becomes colder the stones become warmer till they reach a thermal equilibrium.

The external environment also plays a role in how long does your whiskey stay cold. If it is hot and humid then you may need to add or replace chilled Whiskey stones often. If it’s cold, well isn’t it your lucky day! Some people may argue that who drinks cold whiskey…the point we are making is that no whiskey loving person likes their whiskey to taste like brandy!

What are they made of?

One of the reasons whiskey stones made of soapstone were widely in use was because of their density and non porous nature that helped them to trap the heat from whiskey efficiently. Over the years, with the rise in innovation and an increase in the number of whiskey enthusiasts whiskey stones are available in more glamorous and chic avatars.

  • Balls of steel – truly, exterior is stainless steel and the core is chilled
  • Steel ice – cubes of stainless steel with a core of gel
  • Steel pucs – through and through steel
  • Granite Stones – well solid granite
  • Whiskey Lovers black – milled soapstone with a polished exterior
  • Scotch Rocks – complete natural soapstone

Although there are other varieties of Whiskey Stones made from glass and plastic available in the market, we are referring the ones that are 100% safe to use at home and are FDA approved.

Pro tip – the quality of glass and plastic used in making the plastic and glass whiskey stones is often questionable.

Ice Melts, Whiskey Rocks!

Ice is amazing with most alcoholic drinks but not really for our Bourbons, Scotches and even less with a good Brandy!

Whiskey Stones made of Stone

They last longer than the ones made of plastic and glass. You wouldn’t find shards of glass in your drink if you are using stone based whiskey stones. Plastic tends to smell after a while whereas Whiskey stones are a healthier alternative as they don’t emit any foul smell or retain any odor or have any taste of their own. They are also easy to clean and store.

Whiskey Stones made of Stainless Steel

By far the most effective and superior way to chill your drink – well there are 22 K gold whiskey stones available too, to channel your inner Don Draper! Steel ones are for life unless you want to throw them out because you are bored of using them.

Due to the anti rust and anti corrosion properties, stainless steel whiskey stones are resilient and durable. Their use can be extended to other drinks too. You can use them in tea and coffee. You read that right. As you freeze them to make whiskey cold, you make them hot in a microwave and put them in your hot chocolate to keep it hot.

Whiskey on the rocks!

Apart from a plethora of reasons for using whiskey stones, they make a brilliant present for a dignified gentleman or an equally charming lady! You can order them online as this article has already done your research work. Some makers will even allow you to customize your whiskey stones by embellishing them.

They usually come with a handy muslin pouch so that you don’t lose them. Steel and non porous stone won’t scratch your drinking glasses. They can also be used in icepacks to keep drinks cold. They are environmental friendly and reusing them would not do any damage to your health.

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