Top Best Travel Humidor for Cigar Aficionados in 2018

Just because you plan on traveling doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to enjoy your favorite cigars on vacation. After all, that is the best time to pop out a great cigar. In order to take your cigars with you while traveling, you will want to ensure that they stay fresh.

9 Best Travel Humidors in 2018

The best way to do this is to purchase a travel humidor specifically designed to keep your cigars fresh and ideal. However, there are a ton of different travel humidors on the market. Knowing which one to pick can be a huge task. Below we will discuss some of the best travel humidor on the market.


Top Travel Humidors Review :


Xikar Cigar Travel Carrying Case 10 Count

xikar cigar travel case

If you are a smoker and a frequent traveler, then you must have experienced the importance of a travel humidor while traveling. Ensuring that you buy the best travel humidor from the available lot is an uphill task. However, the Xikar Carrying Case 10 Count Cigar Travel Humidor is a perfect choice for those who desire equal preference to quantity and quality at the same time. Quantity because, it can hold 10 cigars at a single instance and quality because it retains the freshness of the cigars that was at the time of purchase. The most significant aspect is that you can store cigars of any make in this beautiful and stylish box.

Coming to the other features of Xikar 10 Cigar Travel Humidor, the box is not only stylish but also of solid make that protects your cigars from every unexpected happening. Imagine that the box getting suddenly slipped out of your hands. You need not panic as your humidor is so strong that it can contain even crushes. It would be surprising to have a handy box like this for an affordable rate with so many qualities. This is the same reason why it is commonly found whenever you travel.

Xikar 10 count Cigar Travel Humidor is also an ideal piece to be gifted. Available at all leading stores with a compact design, it is spacious internally. Storing 10 cigars without compromising on the quality for a long time is not an easy task. However, you can manage it with this Xikar product. Regarding its solid body, it often draws a comparison with the black box of a cockpit. This cigar travel case provides you with the feature of being airtight. It means that the outer layers of your cigars will still remain to be crisp and fresh even after hours of journey.

The maintenance of your Xikar 10 count Cigar Humidor Travel is simple. In general, you need not concern about the freshness of the case. Whenever you are traveling long distances, you need to put two to three drops of water in the humidifier so that the cigars stay intact like they were at the time of their purchase. Another issue that people often face with their ordinary cigar humidors is regarding water. However, your humidor that is offered by Xikar has got the extra capability of being water resistant. Participate in any water sports like swimming or water polo without any second thoughts.

Not just water, your Xikar 10 count Travel Humidor is secured from any of the problems like accidental crashes or frequent falls. Hence, you can have a sigh of relief even there is an incident while golfing or hiking. Being compact and sleek in design, it is very much portable to carry anywhere and anytime you want. Having a rugged body is the unique advantage provided by this cigar case. You should consider a lot of features before purchasing a cigar humidor. But, in the case of Xikar 10 count cigar case, you can stay assured about all the features it offers.

Take a look on Xikar 10 count Cigar Humidor:

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Cigar Caddy 3400

cigar caddy travel humidor

Cigar Caddy is one of the best travel humidor. It can hold up to 5 cigars. Which is a decent amount while remaining portable. This travel humidor is also airtight and waterproof for up to 100 feet deep. Because of this, it can be exposed to water and keep your cigars nice and moist without getting exposed to the water. Another excellent thing about this particular product is that it is incredibly cheap in price.

Most humidors that hold 5 cigars are priced around $30. You can generally find it being sold for around $15. The bottom line is, if you are planning on traveling or you like to travel with your favorite cigars, you will want to purchase this product. It is the ideal travel humidor on the market.


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Cigar Caddy 3240

This is another great option if you are more inclined to take 10 cigars with you rather than 5. This product performs much in the same way that the 3400 version does, it simply provides more space and more cigar holders. Believe it or not, but you are going to get double the capacity for only around $5 more than the 3400 model.

This model is available in all sorts of colors and seals air tight. This particular model currently has over 260 reviews on Amazon and ranks in at 4.5 out of 5 rating. Clearly, customers that have purchased this particular model are very impressed and satisfied with it. Read more details about the product here.


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Mantello Black Leather Cigar Case with Interior Cedar Lining 

mentello black leather cigar case
Mantello made this cigar case from genuine leather with an interior cedar lining which keeps your cigars during traveling. This nice looking cigar case can holds up to 3 cigars.

One of the wonderful features of this cigar case is that the length of the case is adjustable so you can easily adjust the length of the case depending on the cigar sizes. This one is crush-proof so you will be worry free during traveling.

The brushed finish premium Grade Stainless Steel at both ends makes the case classy.

Some people claim that the smell of the leather is annoying but honesty speaking it does not feel bad to me (although the smell is very light). You can use leather cleaner and re-polish the leather case to solve the problem.
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Quality Importers Travel Humidor

quality importers travel humidor

This is another great option that you can find on the market for a good price. Quality Importers generally sells for around $20 to $30. This product can hold up to 10 different cigars. It also uses magnets in order to seal tight the contained and keep the cigars nice and moist.

This product currently has around 200 reviews on Amazon with a nearly perfect rating. Most reviews note how well the product seals and keeps the cigars nice and moist. Some have noted that this particular model isn’t the most portable, but works well enough for traveling. However, it is more suited and built for remaining on and/or in a desktop.


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Telescoping Airtight Travel Tubes Humidor for Cigars

 Telescoping Airtight Travel Tubes Humidor for Cigars


This is going to be one of the cheapest and most portable options on the market. These humidors are essentially little tiny telescoping tubes that you can place your cigars into. They can hold cigars that are up to 7.5 inches. When you telescope the actual tub, the air is forced out which allows the moisture to remain in the tub. This ends up keeping your cigar nice and fresh and ready to be smoked even after traveling for a long time.

If you are looking for the most portable option on the market to keep your cigars nice and moist, this is going to be one of the best and cheapest options. In fact, you can purchase one of these tubes for as little as $9 in some marketplaces. This humidor current has a 4.6 rating out of 5 with over 250 reviews on Amazon. Clearly the customers of this humidor are loving the device.


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As you can see, there are plenty of different options for travel humidors on the market. Depending on what you are looking for in your next travel humidor, you will want to choose one of the products that we have discussed above. You can  also see the article on best cigar humidor  and best cigar lighter available in the market.


Travel Humidors Selection Tips

If you are a cigar aficionado, you look forward to the anticipated leisure time when you can enjoy your flavorful and fresh cigars.  One very important consideration for the serious cigar smoker is the proper storage of his precious cigar inventory.

For those who travel frequently, travel humidors are an excellent option for maintaining your cigar stocks quality and smoking pleasure while on the road.

Cigar humidors not only keep your cigars fresh and well protected, but they also improve the quality of your stock.

When choosing a travel humidor, many of the same factors used for selecting your full sized home humidor remain important.

More people will most likely see your travel humidor than your primary home model.  If you enjoy cigar smoking with business associates and friends, the aesthetic appeal of your travel humidor is something to consider.  There is often a bit of friendly competition regarding this matter.

The design of your travel humidor, then, should include selection criteria for its appealing design as well as its functionality.  A fancy looking humidor that does not do its job will not be of much use.

Here are selection criteria you should use when selecting your travel humidor:

  1. The humidor should be easily portable and designed for travel.
  2. It should seal properly and withstand air and/or liquid infiltration.
  3. It should accommodate the size and style of cigars you smoke.  Not all trips are of the same distance and duration.  Allow for lengthier trips when you’ll need to travel with more cigars
  4. The humidor should have a humidifier in order to maintain proper internal humidity.  If it does not have its own humidifier, it is not technically even a humidor, but a fancy case for holding your cigars.
  5. The lid and seal are important components.  The lid must be designed to close on a pillow of air.  The seal, without fail, must prevent any air from entering the case.
  6. Price is not the deciding factor as to the quality of a humidor.  Very good quality humidors can be purchased for under $40.  Some costing hundreds of dollars are often not of sufficient quality at all.  Keep price in mind, but price is not a judging standard for quality.
  7. The casing or shell is a matter of preference for the most part.  Common ones include aluminum, wood, ABS plastic and leather.

You are now armed with basic selection criteria to help you in the search for the best travel humidor that is perfect for you.  Remember that cost is not the best judge for determining the quality of a humidor.

Important things to consider are how often you travel, the size of humidor you need, and the quality of the features the travel cigar humidors boast.  Remember, also, that if it does not have a humidifier, it is not a humidor at all.

If you are not willing to spend for travel humidor then see this to make a simple leather cigar case. 

Should the cellophane wrapping be removed before placing the cigars in the humidifier?

Cellophane prevents cigars from losing the humidity before their consumption. Nevertheless, it is self-defeating to keep this wrapping inside of the humidifier to preserve the very best levels of humidity.

If cigars are stored wrapped, the cellophane should be open in its ends for allowing the oxygen circulation. Whether the cellophane should be removed or not is a question of taste. On one hand, if the paper is removed, the aging process of the cigar will continue and this is the best option from an aesthetic point of view.

On the other hand, the cellophane paper will protect the cigar from the mixture of flavors of different cigars that are stored. For this reason, to keep the cellophane is a good alternative in case cigars could be put separately for avoiding tastes mixture.

Usually, premium cigars are wrapped in a Spanish cedar package, in any case, it depends on individual desires to keep or not the cedar package, which will increase this wood aroma of the cigars, or it could be removed completely before placing cigars in the humidor.


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    I am a huge fan of Xikar. Xikar Cigar Travel Carrying Case 10 count travel humidor is a great addition of Xikar for cigar aficionados. Very solid construction and the foam inside it also looks good. Excellent travel humidor for the price.


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