Top Best Cigar Ashtray for Cigar Aficionados in 2018

Cigar Ashtray is another important accessories for cigar aficionados. Without cigar ashtray, your arsenal is never completed hence we have compiled a list of top best cigar ashtray in 2017. You can choose one of them from the list which is suitable with your lifestyle.

Best cigar ashtray under 20$:

Prestige Import Group – Triangular Maple Lacquer 3 Cigar Ashtray

This ashtray is perfect for outdoor and home use. Solid construction with 3 grooved cigar beds. It is long enough to hold up to 60 ring gauge cigars although some people complain that it is good for 54 ring gauge but not for 60 ring gauge. This nice looking ashtray made from maple wood with a plastic surface for looks.

The removable ash reservoir is made from stainless steel with a little knob in the middle of the ashtray. The knob should be a little bit larger for easy lifting the tray otherwise it is a perfect ashtray to buy.

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 XIKAR Portable Ashtray Can

Xikar Cigar Ash Can

This one is the “Xikar” Ashtray. I mention that it is xikar product because we all know the quality of Xikar products. Xikar is unbeatable in terms of quality.

This one is mainly made for those who travel a lot but it is also perfect for home use. It is easily fit in your vehicle’s cup holder. It is a versatile ashtray. You can take this anywhere you like: fishing, driving, pool, beach, vacation.

So simple in design but look very classy. It is made from 100% stainless steel and very solid constructed. It has two rings inside to hold your cigar and they are capable to hold all size of cigars. The price is unbeatable of this ashtray. It will cost you around 15$. It is the best cigar ashtray in this budget.

Cleaning is very very easy. Just empty the can and use dishwasher and done.
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This nice looking dragon celtic ashtray statue is made of Polyresin. Polyresin is generally used for statues, bobbleheads or decorative furniture and it is very sturdy.

Although this one is specially design for cigarette but you can use it as a cigar ashtray without any issue.  

You can use this artistic ashtray for multiple purposes such as décor your home or keep it on the coffee table. Also it will be a perfect gift for any Dragon loving stoner. However, if you love something different and antique style then you can take this one.

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Best Ashtray under 30$

Stinky Stainless Cigar Ashtray

This classic design ashtray made from stainless steel with 4 polish stainless steel stirrups. The reservoir of this ashtray is large enough; you can smoke all evening without going to empty the bowl. Also this big bowl has proved that it is wind-resistant and keeps your cigar ash within the bowl in wind. Also note that it is very lightweight and float in your pool or spa so enjoy your cigar everywhere.

You can go for this nice, classy cigar ashtray without any hesitation because Stinky Stainless Cigar Ashtray already has many happy customers. View full review.

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 Cast Iron Hand Antique Ashtray


It is a perfect vintage cigar ashtray. If you are person who loves antique design then this one is for you. It is multipurpose cigar ashtray. You can use this one for your home décor or anywhere as a decorative item. You can also use it for many purposes like paperweight, key holder, or simply as a decorative item for home or office.

It is made from cast iron with a rough textured finish which gives the ashtray unique and antique looks.
If you desperately need a cigar ashtray for only smoking purpose then it is not for you because it can hold only one or two cigar ash at a time. But if you are looking for something different, unique and antique style then it is definitely for you and you also buy this one for someone else who loves cigar and antique things.

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Best cigar ashtray under 40$

Quality Importers Tobacco Leaf Print Crystal Ashtray for 4 Cigars

This nice artistic cigar ashtray made from clear k9 crystal which looks very gorgeous. It is also well contrasted and heavy. The tobacco leaf print of this ashtray is very eye catching and gives the astray a unique look. It has four cigars beds and the beds are big enough to accommodate any sizes of cigar.
The tobacco leaf is given on the bottom of the ashtray so do not use this ashtray in your pool or spa because the water could destroy the sticker. Also this ashtray has another drawback is that the sticker may fade in the sun. Despite of these two issues, this is really nice and handy cigar ashtray. If you have no problem with these two issues then you can go with that ashtray without any hesitation.

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Best Ashtray under 60$

Prestige Import Group – Sliding Ashtray Humidor – Brazilian Wood & Black Lacquer Finish

Prestige Import Group brings up a nice thing combining an ashtray and a humidor. It is made by Dark Brazilian Wood & Black Lacquer Finish which looks very good. Also the construction of this sliding ashtray humidor is very solid. The humidor comes with a silver polished humidifier where you can easily store 5-7 Cigars. It holds most of the cigar sizes.

If you are looking for a classy thing, then this compact sliding ashtray humidor is for you. The bowl of this ashtray is deep enough to keep your ashes safely. They uses Stinky cigar ashtray so you will not disappointed about the quality of the ashtray.

This ashtray/humidor assembles is pretty simple but we recommend to read the instructions comes with the product. This will be a great buy and I am pretty sure you will be happy. The price is slightly high but this product worth the price.  
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Visol Bremen Black Lacquer Folding Cigar Ashtray with Cutter and Punch

This cigar ashtray comes with a punch and guillotine cutter. This folding cigar ashtray has two versions- one is made from Ebony Wood Veneer and another one is made from Black Lacquer. This ashtray is featured for single cigar of any ring gauge. Cigar punch and cigar cutter is able to cut 54 ring gauge cigar. It is a perfect combo for traveling.

The removable ash reservoir is slightly difficult to lift out but you will be used to with it after several days. However, it is very well constructed and excellent weight. My final verdict is that it is a nice combo for traveling and also a great choice for gift someone who loves cigar.

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Best Cigar Ashtray under 80$

Stainless Stinky Standing Cigar Ashtray

The Stainless Stinky Standing Cigar Ashtray is a 24″ high standing ashtray. It has a deep bowl design, specifically made for cigars. The bowl can take large amounts of ash and butts. The polished stainless steel and design of this ashtray gives it a classy look. It adds a touch of sophistication to any smoking area.

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How to make a cigar Ashtray!

The people, who prefer smoking a cigar, love it to death. The only thing they love as much as smoking the cigar is the flicking the ash into a cigar ashtray.

In fact, a good cigar ashtray is the best companion of a quality cigar. Although, there are a number of cigar ashtray options available in the market, there are a lot of people who would love to use a homemade cigar ashtray.

The homemade cigar ashtray also makes a perfect gift for friends and family members who smoke a lot of cigars. The cigar ashtray makes for a personal gift which not only is thoughtful, but it is also a very useful gift at the same time.

A homemade cigar ashtray is really easy to make. It can easily be prepared in two ways, one is molding the ashtray from clay and the other one is making it using a tin can.

Making a cigar ashtray from clay:

Step 1: The first thing to be done is to buy some clay, which is easily available in a craft store. The clay has to be molded into a perfect shape of an ashtray.

Step 2: The clay has to be baked following the instructions on its packaging. It can easily be baked in an oven which has to be heated up.

Step 3: The baked clay has to be then removed from inside the oven, allowing it to dry properly. Once it dries, it can be pained on by using some latex paint. Some personal touches can be included. These touches can be some designs or some elements that reflect the person an ashtray is being made for. For an instance, one can write the recipients’ name or paint a symbol that reflects his or her favorite interest.

Step 4: Once the design and the other personal elements are in place the piece has to be finished by simply applying some shiny lacquer. This lacquer is important as it helps to keep the paint brand new and protected from some external elements that can damage the ashtray’s appearance.

Making a cigar ashtray from a can:

Step 1: It is very easy to make a homemade cigar ashtray by simply using a tin can. The insides of the tin can have to be painted from the inside with some high gloss water-resistant paint. This helps in the preservation of the interior. The oil-based paint should not be used as it is inflammable and can easily catch on fire.

Step 2: A glass cup has to be fitted into a tin can which can help to catch the ashes and make it easy to dispose it. It also helps to preserve the tin so it can easily be used for a long time.

Step 3: The outside of the can either be wrapped with painted cover material like paper or a piece of clothing. Also, one can easily paint directly on the can itself. The best thing is to use an anti-rust paint which protects the surface from getting rusted.

Or you can see this video:

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