Tips For Humidor Maintenance and Care

The humidor is the most important accessory for your loving cigars. Humidor maintenance is not a tough task but you need to care your humidor at regular interval.  For a new humidor, you must need to season it first before going to store your cigars into it (See our another post- how to season a humidor properly). And then you need to care it throughout its life.

How do you maintain your Humidor?

How to care humidor

Keep your humidor temperature under 73°F(23 °C) and keep the humidity level between 67-74%. Recommended temperature and humidity levels are 71°F(21 °C) and 70% respectively. Our recommendation is to use digital thermometer and hygrometer for better controlling the temperature and humidity.

Why you need to maintain the temperature and humidity level?

Best cigars of the world come from the tropical or equatorial regions such as Cuba, Honduras, Cameroon, Dominican Republic and Indonesia. The climate of these countries is perfect for tobacco. The Relative humidity in these regions is typically high (70 to 80%) and it remains almost constant all the time. For the maturation of tobacco leaves, this humidity level is perfect. When the cigars come out of the factory, they meet with different temperature and humidity variation. Keep in mind, a cigar can be maturated only in the controlled atmosphere. So you need to keep them original humid environment to keep them fresh. Otherwise, your valuable cigar will lose their flavor and taste.


Humidor Maintenance Tips:

  • Temperature: Inside temperature of your humidor should be under 73°F(23 °C). 71 °F(21°C) is recommended temperature. Temperature above 73°F may cause tobacco beetle.
  • Humidity Level: Keep the humidity level of your humidor between 68-71%. Check at least once every two weeks interval.
  • Always use distilled water instead of normal tap water. The mineral and other impurities of the tap water can ruin you cigar taste. Because cigar absorbs the moisture of the humidor which is created from the water.
  • Check your humidor every two weeks interval. Once a week is the best practice(it just takes a couple of minutes). Check all parameter such as temperature, humidity etc and add solution or distilled water if needed. Do not put anything inside the humidor which is dripping water. These extra water may damage your humidor.
  • Clean your humidor at least once in a year (I usually clean my humidor twice a year. It just take 10-15 minutes).

How to Clean:

Open your humidor and remove all cigars from it. Also remove all the components of your humidor such as hygrometer, thermometer etc. Now take a clean towel (lint free and damp).  Wipe inside your humidor with the damp towel and restore everything in your humidor.

Humidor Maintenance

If you see any mold or fungus then follow the step given below.

  1. Dampen your towel into a bowl of rubbing alcohol and wipe the inside of your humidor. The rubbing alcohol is risk-free. It will not damage your humidor wood and will not leave any odor inside your humidor.
  2. If the fungus or mold spot does not disappear completely then use a tooth brush dampen in alcohol to clear the spot.
  3. Now let the humidor dry and then replace all component into the humidor.
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