Stinky Cigar Ashtray Review

If you look over the initial reviews, you’ll notice there is no ashtray. Then suddenly… a beautiful ashtray. The reason? I left my ashtray somewhere else. So… I picked up another. My first ashtray solidified my Oliva fanboyness, but this time I wanted something a bit different. Rather then taking another ceramic ashtray, I opted for the famed Stinky Cigar Ashtray. So now I attempt to review an ashtray?

Initial Thoughts
Like my first ashtray, this one brought from Amazon. My friend had warned me that the weight of the ashtray was likely going to shock me – he wasn’t kidding. This thing is incredibly light. I took the original as I rarely smoke with any more then a couple of people, so the four stirrups were more then enough. Fortunately, if you need more – they make six, eight and twelve stirrup renditions. The other distinguishable feature is how beautiful the ashtray is. The simplistic design and the bright stainless steel make this appropriate for just about every situation.

Stinky Cigar Ashtray
Stinky Cigar Ashtray Review


It’s somewhat wrong to describe it as simple. The reality is tons of thought went into creating a design that is not only beautiful, but more importantly – practical. Everything from the size and bend of the stirrups to the depth of the bowl were designed with a purpose well beyond just looking good. For example, the depth is key to providing stability for the ashtray, where as the stirrups focus on keeping your cigar sturdy. In the month or so of owning, it seems they’ve done a pretty good job. The ashtray doesn’t follow over, my cigars have stayed well beyond what I thought they were capable of. For those that smoke outside, the depth of the bowl also means even in pretty heavy winds – your cigars stay in place.

In the End
In terms of combining practicality and design, you can’t do a whole lot better. Combine that with the price of the ashtray and it’s definitely not going to get better. While I haven’t tried cleaning my stainless steel a simple wipe down a half hour after smoking cleans it out 90%. Whether it’s the backyard or the living room – the Stinky ashtray doesn’t suck. However, check out the list of best cigar ashtrays of 2017 from here.

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