Sponge or acryl polymer humidifiers?

acryl polymer humidifiers

All humidifiers used the same mechanism until few years ago. Without taking into account if they were or not brand products or including their prices, all of them were equipped with a plastic or metal case with a sponge as a humidifier.

The greater manufacturer of these humidifiers was the French company Credo. For this reason, the term Credo is frequently used as a synonym of sponge-based humidifier.

Since they were easy to manufacture, Southeast Asian manufacturers soon began to offer them for a fraction of the price of a Credo humidifier and with similar functionality.

During last few years, manufacturers have experimented alternative systems of humidification, many times at the expense of buyers because even the most recognized humidor brands of humidifiers offered systems that did not pass the test of time. Finally, only acryl polymer humidifiers prevailed over the different brands of humidors as an alternative to the sponge-based humidifiers. These humidifiers were known specifically as “Cigar Keeper”, name from an American manufacturer.

If the right polymer is used, they will have the advantage of stabilizing the relative humidity at levels of 70% to 72% and adjust the fluctuations in humidity level faster than the traditional sponge-based humidifiers. See how to calibrate a humidifier? or how to season a humidor.

Today, many manufacturers offer similar humidifiers under the same name, but it is impossible to guarantee the use of the correct polymers in this type of humidifiers.

The acryl polymer of those humidifiers can absorb large amounts of liquid and they can only be filled with distilled water. Notice that the humidity level of a new humidor with acryl polymer humidifiers stabilizes only after two days.

The use of acryl polymer humidifiers is advisable because they maintain the humidity level stable and require less monitoring and maintenance by the costumer. Besides, there is less bacterium contamination compared to sponge-based humidifiers. Nevertheless, they are not exempted from bacteria as it is believed.

To minimize the contamination risk it is advisable to replace the humidifier every two years (sponge or polymer based). The best for sponge-based humidifiers is the propylene glycol solution that improves this type of humidifiers. Adorini offers with the “adorini deluxe premium humidifier”, one of the most popular humidifying systems with acryl polymer crystal technologies.

The self-adjusting effect of the acryl polymer is complemented by the possibility of regulating the humidity emitted with the adjustable openings of the humidifier case. In general, the sponge-based humidification systems provide good performance if the propylene solution is applied regularly (see propylene glycol liquid).

The acryl polymer humidifiers own a superior capacity to maintain a constant humidity level and counteract quickly the humidity drops that occur when opening the humidor. Likewise, this type of humidifier reduces the risk of bacterial contamination and over a long period of time, worth the highest price of the acryl polymer humidifier because it is not necessary to buy the special propylene glycol solutions.

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  1. Matt Prior

    September 6, 2017 at 4:53 pm

    Acryl polymer humidifiers are much better than sponge.


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