Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter Review

The Smoke Buddy personal air filter has been receiving rave reviews from lots of users, because it works wonders at removing the smell of smoke.

It’s a small personal air filter that will absorb and completely filter out the smoke when a smoker exhales. This is great whether you want to keep your home or office smelling better or to save your room-mates, family members or neighbors from from the discomfort of the second hand smoke.

Is The Smoke Buddy Worth Buying?

For many, the benefits accrued is tremendous. The Smoke Buddy is a very unique personal air filter as it cuts out all the smoke that comes immediately from the exhalation of the smoker. This is not possible with an air purifier or smokeless ashtray. A lot of users like the Smoke Buddy because is the most effective solution they found for their situation.

Consider these benefits that users like about using a Smoke Buddy:

  • Eliminate second hand smoke for family members, room-mates and neighbors. They may not like having to deal with the smell. It could also affect their health. This reduces potential conflicts on the issue of smoking. Even smoking outside the home or on the balcony is not enough, as the smoke drifts.
  • Eliminate smoke odor from your clothes and the area. You smell better and others are not afraid to be around you during or after a smoke.
  • Eliminate the lingering smell of stale smoke from indoor smoking. Have a smoke while you watch TV in the living room. You may want to check out Smokers Candles as well for removing the smoke smell from the lit cigarette or cigar.
  • Keep your smoking discreet. In some situations, you don’t want to draw attention to your smoking. The Buddy can help.
  • Lessen your worries on how the home or office smells. Its takes a lot of effort to clean off the smell of stale smoke in any indoor area. Why not eliminate it at the source?
  • Save money on buying expensive air purifiers and filters.

Does The Smoke Buddy Work?

Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter

When you exhale, you blow into the opening of the Smoke Buddy. The air that comes out is completely odorless. The cigar or cigarette smoke filter they have created absolutely works. I had a friend observe and smell what comes out on the other end, and he could not see any smoke or smell anything at all. If you read the reviews from other users, you will find that everyone has a similarly good experience.

What is great about using a Smoke Buddy compared to other air filters is that it removes a lot of the smoke and odors right at the source of exhalation. Unlike using a air purifier, the exhaled smoke does not float into the room at all. This is probably why it is more effective that other air purifier or filter products.

If you are also concerned about the smoke that emits from a smoldering cigarette, check out the Top 5 Smokeless Ashtrays review. A smokeless ashtray, together with a Smoke Buddy, makes for a nice smoke-free environment.

Compact Size

The Smoke Buddy a small compact sized personal air filter that measures about 4 inches in height and 2 1/2 inches in diameter. It’s smaller than air purifiers and can be carried around if need be. It’s not so small as to fit into a jeans pocket, though.

Longevity And Replacement Filters

The manufacturer’s stated longevity for the Smoke Buddy is that it is good for 300 uses. There are no replacement filters offered, so once a Smoke Buddy is used up, you will need a new one. That translates into only 30 to 40 cigarettes.

One user reported that he found that it lasted a lot longer than 2 packs of cigarettes. So it is possible that the Buddy will last longer than the 300 hits officially stated. Results will probably vary due to the individual and the kinds of cigarettes being smoked. If cost is a concern, one way is to use limit its use, perhaps to only the times when you smoke indoors. Another user uses it every other day, and others around him were pleased with it.

I have used mine for over 100 140 cigar now, and it is still holding up fine. After the first 30 cigar or so, I added a small piece of carbon filter at the top, wrapped in a cotton cloth (from an old sock) to remove any carbon debris from being inhaled or caught in the Smoke Buddy. I found that I was able to blow smoke in like normal and no smoke or smell came out on the other end. My guess is the extra carbon filter acted as a pre-filter and absorbed some of the smoke.

So that could be why it’s lasting longer. I don’t know if its the right thing for you to do. I happened to have the carbon filter already lying around, as I use it for my smokeless ashtray. You may want to start off with just using the Smoke Buddy on its own and see how well it works for you.

One maintenance tip for adding to the longevity of the Smoke Buddy is to wipe moisture off the area where you blow into. I would also recommend to keep the caps of the Smoke Buddy off until it has time to air and dry out. Otherwise, quite a bit of moisture can build up inside the smoke air filter to deteriorate its effectiveness over time.

Overall, the Smoke Buddy lives up to its promise of cutting out smoke from exhalation of a cigarette smoker. No more worries about how the smoke affects you and others around you. With a very high rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon, it’s a product that people like and use.

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