How to Season a Humidor!

When you buy a new humidor, the first thing is that don’t put your cigars inside in your new box before seasoning it. There is no reason to underestimate the importance of season a humidor before going to store cigars. But some people do that and skip the step of seasoning before using it. In this article, I will show you how to season a humidor.


how to season a humidor

Now the question is what will happen if you do not season your humidor before use it?

Answer: Typically wood (see wood option for cigar humidor ) is very dry so it will absorb the moisture from your cigars and the cigars will be dried out. Therefore, these cigars will give you a very bad-smoking experience. So, don’t think to skip seasoning before use it.

How To Season a Humidor?

Now, before going to start with step by step procedure for seasoning, I am going to show you what materials you need to season a humidor. The materials are-

  1. Distilled water
  2. propylene glycol
  3. A new sponge
  4. A bowl
  5. A plastic sandwich bag
  6. A clean towel
  7. A hygrometer calibration Kit (optional)

Preparing your accessories:

Most of the humidors come with a hygrometer and a humidifier (see the list of best cigar humidor available in the market). The first step is to calibrate your hygrometer properly. To calibrate your hygrometer, you can use salt test method or you can buy a hygrometer calibration kit. The hygrometer calibration kit comes with instructions set which are very easy to follow. This kit will tell you about the accuracy of your hygrometer.

Salt test method:

  1. Take a bottle cap or small cup and put a teaspoon of salt into it. Now, the salt needs to dampen with few drops of water.
  2. Place the salt cup/bottle cap and hygrometer inside a plastic bag and zip it tightly with some air inside it.
  3. Keep these inside for 8 to 12 hours and note down the reading of the hygrometer. Your hygrometer reading should be 75%. If not, adjust the hygrometer accordingly.

Now, it’s time to prepare your humidifying solution. Mix distilled water and propylene glycol in a bowl equally. Don’t use tap water. It should be only distilled water. Propylene glycol will help to maintain the humidity and will protect from bacterial growth. Now, place the humidifier into the bowl and leave it for 15-20 minutes so that the humidifier becomes saturated completely. Then, turn it upside down and wrap it in a clean towel. Wait for at least 30 minutes to absorb all the excess water of humidifier. And then put it in its position.

When the humidifier and hygrometer are prepared then put these into the humidor. Then, take the sandwich plastic bag and set it in the bottom of the humidor and place all other things of the humidor like a divider, top tray or drawers etc.  Then, take the sponge and moisten it with distilled water and squeeze it to remove the extra water. The sponge should be damp but not dripping. Then, put it on the plastic bag and close the lid. The plastic bag will prevent leakage during the seasoning period.

After closing the humidor, let the humidor sit for at least 72 hours. Don’t open the lid during this time period. After 72 hours (at least 5 days is recommended and 7 days is the best), open the lid and check the humidity level. The hygrometer reading can be somewhere between at 60% to 85%. You can go the next step only when the humidity is at 72 percent or more.

How to season a humidor

If the reading is lower than 72% then add some more water to the sponge and leave it for another 24 hours.   After reaching the humidity level at 72% or more, remove the plastic bag and the sponge and close the lid again. Leave it close for another 2-4 days to settle down the humidity level to about 70% RH. Once the humidity level stabilizes between at 65% to 70%, then the humidor is ready to store cigars.



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