Rare Smoke: Carlos Torano Liga 3H

  • Shape: Salomon
  • Tobacco:
    • Wrapper: Brazilian Arapiraca Sun Grown
    • Binder: Honduras
    • Filler: Nicaragua
  • Acquired December 2010
  • Smoked February 11th 2011
  • Price: N/A
  • Beverage: None
  • Cut Method: Cutter
  • Puff Rate (estimate): 1 puff approx every 25 seconds
  • Method of lighting: Xikar Lighter
  • Smoke Time: 2 hours (+/-)
  • Times Ashed: 6
  • Twitter Name: @ToranoFamCigars
  • Official Website: http://www.torano.com

Initial Thoughts:

The Carlos Torano family can trace it’s roots back to Cuba.  This family has generations of cigar growing and making experience to pull from when creating cigars. As a result their cigars rank and compete among the best.  The Carlos Torano Liga 3-H was part of a sample pack which contained the Exodus 1959 and Exodus Silver Edition.  The Liga 3H is actually the precursor to the Exodus 1959 50 Year. Once the Exodus 1959 50 Year was released the 3H stopped appearing in sample packs, plus the Salomon shape has yet to be remade for the Exodus 1959 50 Year. This cigar has at least a couple years of age on it.

A visual inspection of this cigar revealed an even maduro colored wrapper seeping in oil.  The wrapper was blemish and discoloration free.  Few veins were noticeable and the ones which noticeable were small.  The density of the stick was uniformed from cap to foot and no glue from the wrapper band stuck to the wrapper leaf.  The cap was smooth and seamless.  Smelling the wrapper I detected a faint barnyard odor. I did not expect much odor as this cigar has been sitting in my humidor for quite some time.  Overall the construction appeared spot on and this cigar was a perfect Salomon shape.

Due to the shape of this cigar a punch was just not an option thus I picked up my trusty Xikar Cutter. A cold draw provided a medium to heavy amount of pull which was expected due to the tapered foot.  Cold draw flavors provided sweet floral notes with hints of various wood.

With the cigar burning it did not take long for the draw to open up considerably as the burn line progressed into a thicker ring gauge.  There was faint spice on the retro-hale mixed with smooth, rich, and creamy flavors.  The smoke and flavor profile was well-balanced and elegant.  Hints of wood and Earth mixed with mellow sweetness.  As we continued with the smoke hints of floral notes began to grow along with the spice.

As the first half came to an end the second half transitions into a solid earthy core.  The spice continued to grow and all this was underscored with a certain creaminess.  

The results are in!

When you mix great tobacco, selected by legends in the cigar world, aged in ideal conditions it should stand as no surprise that it all adds up to one hell of a smoke.  I regret that I only had one of these and now it it is gone.  If you find one of these cigars they are ready to smoke now and will provide a rich, robust, hearty experience from foot to cap. 

Cigar Rant’s Rating: Excellent

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