Perfecto Cigar Holder Review

The Perfecto Cigar Holder is a 100% American made product that is steered towards golfers. The principle behind the holder is that it clips onto a golf cart’s dash, you rest your cigar in the holder, take your shot and come back to enjoy your cigar.

Pretty simple & effective product that has many other uses besides for golfers.


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  • Sturdy construction – Some people may think is a tad bit overkill. But the spring is strong enough to keep the holder in place & not loose it when you hit the occasional bump in the road.
  • It is of a large stature – You won’t miss where to put your cigar. Nor will you miss someone trying to walk off with your holder either!
  • Large ash collection tray – I smoked a toro and it held all of the ashes with room to spare. It will hold ashes for the smallest to the largest of cigars. Perfect for keeping the golf green, work or socializing area clean.
  • Large cigar rest – I used it to hold a 42rg Corona and size tested it on a 60rg Gordo with no problems.
  • 100% American Made – Every part is made and assembled in the good old United States of America.
  • Rubber articulating grippers – Will open to about 3.5″ and close tight enough to grip a sheet of paper. It will fit most golf cart dashes, boat or fence rails among other things. Shouldn’t scratch the surface its grabbing onto either.
  • Cradles the cigar – Some holders pinch or grab your cigar to control it. That could cause draw issues or torn/damaged wrappers.
  • Ability to be customized – Add your company’s logo, or what ever else design you want. I saw a few that Gary was bringing to the IPCPR show that were “Blinged out” with jewels for the women cigar smokers in mind.
  • Easily cleaned – I cleaned mine with a tap on the garbage can and most the ashes fell into it. The rest was wiped out with a paper towel or rinsed out with the hose.
  • Its nylon – The only thing that has a chance of rusting is the screw & nut. A trip to the local hardware store and 15cents fixes that issue if it ever came about. It won’t crack or melt.
  • Larger holding area than golf bag cigar holders – I have seen the holders that mount to your golf bag that cradles your cigar. To me, I think your cigar would be on the ground more than in the holder. And I don’t know about you, but if I ever go golfing, I am not going to lug my bag around 8 holes, let alone 18. The bag will be strapped to the back of a golf cart. So a holder mounted on a golf bag wouldn’t be feasible for me.
  • Mounts where you need it; on the golf cart – I have seen the holders that have a spike where you insert into the green & your cigar rests on it… I am not getting any younger and don’t like bending over for anything unless I have to. If its on the ground it has the chance of getting kicked or sand blasted.
  • Mounts on many shapes – I like the fact that you can mount it on round, triangular, or oblong shapes; not just a square railing.

I am not a golfer, but I did find quite a few other times when I found myself using it.

Perfecto Cigar HolderI was working on a wood working project under my carport and didn’t want to drag my big Stinky ash tray down (to the ground) with me. It was a bit too bulky to be moving around and I figured it was inevitable before I knocked it over full of ashes & nubs. So, I had a spare piece of plywood and it was enough to clamp the holder to. The holder and the cigar don’t weigh a whole lot, so I didn’t need much wood to stabilize it. This piece was a little overkill, but it was just a scrap I had laying around and it worked. This brought up a slight con of the product: You need to have a fairly horizontal clamping surface to keep your cigar from rolling out. Yet, the sides are fairly high on it, so you could go off level with it some-what and not worry about loosing your cigar.


Perfecto Cigar HolderI was out fishing at a local pier and fired up a cigar. When it came time to check my bait, I really didn’t want to set my stogie on the rail or deck of the pier. There is no telling how much fish guts, seagull poop, or what other unimaginable things have been on that pier railing! I don’t want to put something that goes into my mouth on any of that. I remembered I had the Perfecto Cigar Holder and retrieved it from my truck. It clamped perfectly to the pier railing and held tight while I reeled in my line. I have sat my cigar on pier rails a few times and watched them fall to their drowning deaths. That led me to bring ole “yard gars” out when fishing. Now, I can bring anything I want without having to worry about where to rest my cigar at. This brings up a slight issue as well: A very strong wind could blow your cigar from the holder. But, I imagine it would have to be a fairly strong wind. In that case, I wouldn’t have been fishing in strong winds.

Perfecto Cigar Holder ReviewI have done a hand full of cigar reviews recently and The Perfecto Cigar Holder was the holder I used to take the pictures with. It held the cigar still and also held the ashes that made for some interesting “ash trail” pictures. I tried using a flat white background, but most of the time, I would have to fight the cigar to hold still to get a good picture. I spent more time balancing the cigar than taking the pictures. People have said “Cigar reviewers have some of the ugliest hands.” Well, I am no hand model by no means! The holder saves you all from having to look at my “working hands” in my review pictures. The cost of the holder is cheaper than renting a hand model.

The day I took these pictures, the winds were about 5-10mph with a few higher gusts. I had no issues with this 52rg La Gloria Cubana flying out of the holder.

I have also thought of clamping it to: a car dash, truck tailgate, ice chest handle, armrest of patio chairs, picnic tables, kitchen counters, fence rails, deck railings/steps etc… Basically anything that is 3.5″ or less and a fairly horizontal surface, it will grab ahold to and hold your cigar.


This is not a perfect world and I did find a few cons of the holder:

  • Needs a horizontal plane to mount to – The ability to mount to a vertical or angled plane at times would be nice. Or a way to adjust the angle of the holder or clamps for a less that level mounting surface.
  • Its pretty large and takes up space when transporting or storing it.
  • Too “big” – Maybe, but the extra wide mouth on the grippers lets you clamp over the lip of a variety of surfaces.
  • If the angle of the surface you are clamping to runs on a downward slope, (to the ash holder) the cigar can slide out. That is the nature of the nylon, it is fairly slick. But the slickness of the nylon material aids in cleaning. So its a win/loose situation.
  • Chance of a cigar blowing out of it – I am no meteorologist, nor do I want to be one. So, the chance of me being out in strong winds, using the holder and loosing my cigar are slim to none! *Note: I did use it in 5-10 mph winds and had no issues with it blowing out.


To me, the cons are lesser than the pros. It has gotten me out of a few “binds” over the few weeks I have had it and am grateful to have had it.

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