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Sancho Panza Double Maduro Cigar Review

Today I’ll be smoking a Sancho Panza Double Maduro cigar in the ‘Lancero’ size. This is not the first time I will have smoked this cigar. In fact, spoiler alert, it is one that I enjoy quite a bit and happen to stock regularly. This particular cigar was purchased online …

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Humidor Wood Options: Veneer or solid wood?

Humidor Wood Options

There are basically two different options for making humidors: According to medium density of the fiber (MDF), the interior is lined with a Spanish cedar veneer and the exterior is made of a veneer of another type of solid wood like: cherry.

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Sponge or acryl polymer humidifiers?

acryl polymer humidifiers

All humidifiers used the same mechanism until few years ago. Without taking into account if they were or not brand products or including their prices, all of them were equipped with a plastic or metal case with a sponge as a humidifier. 

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Humidor Setup & Care

humidor setup and care

The proper moisture conditions of the humidor wood (usually Spanish Cedar) should be created before using it to store your Cigars. Follow the following simple instructions to set it up after purchase:

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How to calibrate and measure accuracy of the hygrometer

How to measure accuracy of the hygrometer

Last updated on September 8th, 2017 at 05:22 pm Calibrating the hygrometer   It is important to take into account that this step is not necessary if a hygrometer is pre-calibrated, and it is only necessary in case it has been hit during its transport. There are two methods for …

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Humidor Hygrometer- Analog or digital?

analog vs digital hygrometer

Digital hygrometers are easier to read and they do not require calibration. It is important to highlight that digital hygrometers need a very short period to adapt to changes in humidity that means immediately.

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Cigar Caddy 3240 10 Cigar Waterproof Travel Humidor Review

cigar caddy review

Having a 10 cigar Caddy travel humidor will prove to be handy in case you are off for a long journey and need to carry cigars. Being made in USA by Otter Box, it offers maximum resistance to crushes. Available in a solid black color, you can find all the features in this cigar humidor that you have been looking for. If you a water-sport enthusiast, then you require this cigar case. The best part of this handy humidor is that it is provided with a lifetime guarantee. You would be surprised to know that it is watertight and offers protection in such a way that your cigars will remain intact even after going down under for more than 100 feet.

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The Maintenance of Your Cigar Humidor Starts With Proper Seasoning

Humidor maintenence

It may look like an ordinary wooden box, but don’t let it’s exterior fool you. A cigar humidor is, oh, so much more than that. Whether simple in design or intricately carved out of Spanish cedar, a humidor is a most essential tool in the never-ending battle faced by every cigar fancier for fresh flavor, aroma and proper moisture content.

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