The Maintenance of Your Cigar Humidor Starts With Proper Seasoning

Humidor maintenence

It may look like an ordinary wooden box, but don’t let it’s exterior fool you. A cigar humidor is, oh, so much more than that. Whether simple in design or intricately carved out of Spanish cedar, a humidor is a most essential tool in the never-ending battle faced by every cigar fancier for fresh flavor, aroma and proper moisture content.

When the perfect one is found, especially if it is of exceptional quality, it is often passed on as a much appreciated heirloom from generation to generation. Therefore good cigar humidor maintenance is utterly important.
Ideally, the humidity level inside the humidor should be kept within sixty-eight to seventy-two percent to ensure the freshness of your cigars. Aside from providing properly sealed storage for your precious cigars, many humidors also come equipped with a hygrometer that not only measures the interior humidity level within the humidor, it also can adjust it by adding or removing moisture from the box. What will they think of next?

You finally took the “plunge” and decided to invest in a humidor. You’re all set, right? Wrong! Do not make the rookie mistake of just dumping in your cigars right away.

Just as you would with any new wood you plan to use to make furniture or to put in wood floors in your home, cigar humidor maintenance starts with seasoning your humidor first, whether it’s brand new or just haven’t been used for a while. Even if the lining is made out of the superb Spanish cedar, it will still leech the moisture away from your cigars unless you have properly seasoned it. It is essential to establish the proper moisture level before you put your cigars in.

If you’ve never “pre-humidified” a humidor before, here are some easy to follow steps to help you through the process:

1.    ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS use distilled water: if you use tap or even spring water, they contain minerals which could deposit themselves on your cigars and alter their taste. For the same reason, do not use soaps or scented water.

2.    Take the humidifying tool, fill it and then wipe it down. Place it on a hand towel and allow it to rest for thirty minutes.

3.    Soak a brand new sponge in the distilled water and wring it out a bit. You now need to wipe all of the exposed interior wood, including the lid and any dividers your humidor may have. Never use a fraying cloth or paper to do this as either of these could damage the wood lining.

4.    Now place a plastic bag on the bottom of the inside of the humidor. Spray the sponge with additional distilled water and place it directly on top of this plastic bag, making sure the sponge does not have direct contact with the wood.

5.    Place the humidifying tool inside the humidor and close the lid. Let both this and the wet sponge sit inside the humidor overnight.

6.    Next day, refill the humidifying tool and even if the sponge is only slightly dry, wet it again with the distilled water.

7.    Repeat step 5 and let everything sit overnight one more time.

8.    The following morning, remove the plastic bag and the sponge…

Voila! You have now pre-seasoned your humidor! At all times keep up your cigar humidor maintenance now.


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