How to Light, Burn and Smoke a Cigar!

how to light, burn and smoke a cigar.

How To Light A Cigar?

Once a person learns how to cut a cigar, the next step is mastering how to light it. The tool used to light the cigar is a primary factor in how enjoyable the smoking experience will be. The technique also determines whether the cigar will be a treat or a ruined investment. Focus is required during lighting or all pleasure may be lost.


A butane lighter or a matchstick made from wood should be used to light cigars. Avoid using a wax match, candle, or petrol lighter because each of these emits an odor that can be absorbed by the cigar. Hold the cigar at a 90-degree angle over the lighter or matchstick flame. Burning the cigar directly in the flame will make it too hot.

While angling the cigar over the flame, twist it until all portions of its foot appear evenly charred. Put the cigar to the lips with the flame still under it and gently puff into it until the flames jump. To ensure an even burn, continue to rotate the cigar slowly and occasionally blow on its foot, taking time and being patient.

Cigar ashes should be allowed to fall. A cigar is not designed to be tapped on the edge of an ashtray like a cigarette. If ashing is preferred, the edge of the ashtray can be used to carefully roll off the ash. If relighting is required, ashes should first be removed from the foot by twisting the sides of the cigar on the edge of the ashtray.

The rotation and puffing process can take up to 20 seconds and sometimes longer, depending on cigar size. Smoke should begin easily drawing and puffing and rotating should be repeated every 30 to 60 seconds. This will result in the most pleasurable experience and ensure that the cigar lasts as long as desired.


How To Burn A Cigar Evenly?

If the proper technique is not used when lighting and smoking a cigar, a rather expensive purchase can become a wasted one. Once the cigar is lit, the smoker should examine its tip. If the tip glows evenly all around, that is perfect. If not, the smoker should gently blow on the embers while continuing to turn the cigar until an even burn is witnessed.

This step is important because a poorly lit cigar can burn unevenly during smoking, requiring additional attention from the smoker. The goal is to relax and enjoy the smoking process, not be focused on the status of the cigar. Lighting a cigar is not a process to rush. Hold the cigar and expose the foot the flame until the entire foot appears blackened.

The flame should then be placed a little closer to the foot and moved in a circular manner. The foot should begin glowing relatively evenly. Blowing lightly on the foot will show whether the entire foot is lit evenly. After taking several quick puffs, the burn should be inspected to make sure the circumference of the wrapper has caught fire.

It is not uncommon to experience uneven burning. The most skilled cigar smokers know when the burn should be corrected and when it should be left alone. Depending on the wrapper type and thickness of the cigar, even a small amount of heat from a flame placed near or on a wrapper can create an unpleasant and harsh taste.

Most people will admit to ruining one or more of their best cigars. The goal is to evenly burn cigars without ruining many of them in the process. In many cases, it will be better to leave the cigar alone than cut off the uneven portion and relight the smoke. Even a cigar that canoes can still taste excellent.


How To Smoke A Cigar?

Once a cigar has been cut and light, the most enjoyable part follows. Smoking a cigar is an experience unlike any other and is something to be savored. Some people take several hours to smoke a single cigar, immersing themselves in the relaxing experience. When the proper technique is used, cigar smoking becomes an event.


After lighting the cigar, continue to puff on it and rotate it every 30 to 60 seconds. Taste the smoke in your mouth and then blow this out without first inhaling it. A cigar that is smoked too quickly will burn hot, ruining its flavor. One that is smoked too slowly will burn out, requiring repeated relighting. Hand-rolled cigars usually feature a long filler so ashes will not need to be flicked until they are about ½ to one-inch long.

A cigar should be smoked slowly, taking about one puff per minute. It will take about 30 minutes to smoke a corona and over one hour to smoke a Double Corona or Churchill. A great time to smoke a cigar is after a meal because it allows you to relax and digest the food. Once it begins to emit a lot of heat and results in an aftertaste, the cigar should be extinguished.

The draw and taste of the cigar are the most important factors of smoking. The drink that accompanies the cigar is another important consideration because this affects how enjoyable the smoking experience will be. Many drinks are compatible with mild cigars. These include port, brandy, scotch, coffee drinks, and drinks that include Kahlua.

When enjoying a medium or full-flavored cigar, choose a drink that will not be overpowered by the cigar flavor. A glass of Pinot, Merlot, or Port is suitable. Mixed drinks like rum and lemonade or cranberry juice and vodka are also appropriate. Non-drinkers can enjoy water, Coca-Cola, or 7UP beverages.

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