La Gloria Cubana Serie N Cigar Review

  • Ring: 5.5×54
  • Tobacco:
    • Wrapper: Ecuadoran Sumatra
    • Binder: Nicaragua
    • Filler: Nicaragua
  • Acquired January 2011
  • Smoked January 31st 2011
  • Price: $6.35 (SRP)
  • Beverage: None
  • Cut Method: Cutter
  • Puff Rate (estimate): 1 puff approx every 25 seconds
  • Method of lighting: Triple Torch Lighter
  • Smoke Time: 4
  • Times Ashed: 90 min (+/-)
  • Twitter Name: @LaGloriaCigars
  • Official Website:

Initial Thoughts:

This is part 3 of a 4 part series venturing into the world of General Cigar. As reported previously in my Macanudo Maduro Vintage 1997 post “I would to thank Victoria M. from General Cigar for sending me a very generous sample of these (and other) cigars…” To get ready for this review I have smoked about ten of these cigars. This review is a compilation of my experience with this cigar. I have smoked this cigar at different times, in different situations, and in different places.

The La Gloria Cubana Serie N debuted in October 2010 in four different sizes: JSB (5.5×54), Rojo (6.5×46), Generoso (5.75×49), and Glorioso (6.5×58).  The suggested retail price for this cigar is between $5.90 to $7.00 depending on the size.  The La Gloria Serie N is the brainchild of Yuri Guillen who is General Cigar Dominican’s production manager.  The cigars come packed in an unique hexagonal wooden box and are stacked at an angle.  There are 24 cigars per box.

Since I have smoked quite a few of these cigars I have noticed there is a wide range of appearance.  Some of these cigars sport solid, smooth, virtually vein free oily oscuro wrappers, while others, have marbled oscuro wrappers. Virtually all the cigars I have smoked have seamless caps, extremely dense bodies, and the density being unformed from foot to cap.  One of the things you notice about this cigar is the “N” logo placed on the body. This “N” is a lighter tobacco cutout of an “N”.  Though most have been seamless and well done a couple were covered in the “cigar glue” and thus discolored the wrapper leaf.  Due to the very small amount of tobacco used I could not detect any flavor change once the burn line reached the “N”.

All of these cigars presented with a very strong organic/barnyard odor and no glue from the La Gloria wrapper band stuck to the wrapper leaf.

The Smoke…

None of the cigars I have smoked suffered from wrapper malfunctions upon having their cap removed. However, one cigar I tried to smoke was so plugged that I was unable to smoke it.  Though with that one exception notwithstanding, the other cigars presented with a very easy draw with just a faint pull.

The La Gloria Cubana Serie N usually starts off with a nice mellow retro-hale spice with subtle sweetness. The spice and sweetness builds as the cigar burns.  However, the spice never becomes overpowering. As the cigar progresses notes of salt, earth, and leather come and go and I found them to be very well-blended.  This cigar is capable of producing an ample amount of smoke. As the first half concludes a meaty flavor becomes apparent. This meaty note is mixed with increase sweetness with an underlying note of caramel.

As the second half starts the sweetness takes on the flavor of honey.  Spice is still mild to medium and the smoke becomes hearty.  The burn line remains more or less even during the entire smoke.  The ash is noticed to be a medium gray and somewhat flaky. The second half flavors stay pretty consistent until the end. No harshness or bitterness were found in the smoke and the wrapper leaf stays intact.

The results are in!

Overall this cigar has proved to be solid smoke.  Construction on this cigar was fairly good but having one plugged was concerning.  The flavor of this cigar starts off pretty mellow but quickly ramps up into a full, hearty, satisfying smoke.  The flavor profile of meaty qualities and sweetness remain pretty consistent from foot to cap, however interesting miscellaneous flavors do come and go.  This cigar is capable of being smoked from foot to cap without any issues. 

Cigar Rant’s Rating: Good

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