Humidor Wood Options: Veneer or solid wood?

Humidor Wood Options

There are basically two different options for making humidors:

According to medium density of the fiber (MDF), the interior is lined with a Spanish cedar veneer and the exterior is made of a veneer of another type of solid wood like: cherry.

The interior of the humidor is made of solid wood and lined with Spanish cedar (sometimes humidor is made of solid cedar wood without interior lining).

Contrary to what it is popularly believed, humidors made of solid wood are not always superior to veneer humidors.

Veneer humidors are usually more complicated and exceed higher prices of solid wood humidors. Due to the fact that humidity inside the humidor is much higher than exterior humidity, the internal wood expands and tightens the walls of the humidor. In this case, veneer humidors have the advantage that the internal medium density of the fiber expands less with the increase in humidity.

Thus, the tensions in the inside of the humidor are less developed and can cause cracks and deformations in the humidor. Another advantage of veneer humidors is that high gloss lacquer can be better applied.

Solid wood humidors made of Spanish cedar are prone to dents and damages because it is a very soft wood. As it is mentioned before, the softness of this type of wood limits the gloss and durability of the exterior lacquer.

For these reasons, the manufacture of humidors based on MDF has prevailed over those made of solid wood.

Do you wanna make humidor at home? Check this.

Resins in the humidor

The special oils of the Spanish cedar can form a resin in the surface of the wood eventually. It appears when the wood has not been rightly dry before using it, something that does not occur with the wood of the adorini humidors.

The resin could be sticky and it is usually removed with acetone. Places where the resin has appeared should be treated with fine-grained sandpaper.

The cleaning process has to be repeated two or three more times mainly if the humidor has a thicker lining of cedar wood.

The resin does not damage the quality of the cigars, although it can damage the external leaves if they are directly in touch with the resin.

After the cleaning, the humidor should be aired before putting the cigars back in the inside of it.

Quality of Humidors

The humidors prices are significantly decreased recently. Many buyers are confused when they find humidors almost identical whose prices vary between 60$ and 1000$. Are there so many differences in quality to support these price variations?

The main characteristic of a good humidor is basically to maintain a constant relative humidity in its interior. But also, the following features must be fulfilled:

– The interior wood must absorb humidity well, to achieve this it is recommended to Spanish cedar lining.

– The humidifier should provide enough humidity to maintain humidity levels of 70% approximately.

– The hinges should be durable and guarantee a low friction work for many years. In high-quality humidors only invisible retaining hinges should be used.

– The case of the humidor must lock properly (its not necessary to seal it hermetically) avoiding humidity escape. This way, the humidification system does not require a constant refilling.

– The basic manufacture of the humidor is to ensure that humidity level inside the humidor does not cause deformations of the case or lid and to lock properly after several years of usage. When buying a new humidor, these basic conditions are to be fulfilled and pay attention to offers from non- specialized stores. See another article Buying Your Cigar Humidor What To Look For will definitely help you to choose best one.

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