Humidor Setup & Care

humidor setup and care

The proper moisture conditions of the humidor wood (usually Spanish Cedar) should be created before using it to store your Cigars. Follow the following simple instructions to set it up after purchase:

  1. Submerge the humidifiers in distilled water until well saturated. Dry off the surface of the humidifier and place on a towel for approximately one hour to make sure that no dripping occurs.
  2. Fill a plastic cup or dish with distilled water and place it inside the humidor.
  3. Some humidor manufacturers will advise you to dampen the humidor with a water filled sponge, but we’ve been advised against this by people who work with wood. If you subject raw wood to water it may swell, crack or otherwise become compromised. The sponge may contain particles that can contaminate the humidor. If anyway you will wipe your humidor’s interior, use a clean cloth and take care not to leave the surfaces with excess of water.
  4. Attach the humidifiers and the hygrometer to the inside of the lid. Also, place the humidifiers in the bottom holders of the humidor if applicable.
  5. Close the empty humidor for 3 to 7 days depending on the size of the humidor. If you note that the water in the plastic cup is reduced in a considerable ammount after this period yust refill it with water and wait for a couple of days. If after these period the water level is the same then your humidor is ready to use.
  6. Open the humidor and remove the plastic cup or dish with water.

Your humidor is now ready to store cigars. But we will advice that you should check frequently the humidity level in the humidor for the first weeks of use. You can also read this article: TIPS FOR HUMIDOR MAINTENANCE AND CARE

Dampening the humidor

The inside walls of the humidor, as well as divisions and trays, should be cleaned with a damp cloth with distilled water.

Place a glass of distilled water and let it during three days with the humidor closed. If you heat up some water before, this will be absorbed faster and the humidor can be used just in 1 day.

After the necessary time goes by, the humidor walls should have absorbed enough humidity.

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