Heart Of The Humidor – The Humidifier!

The true heart of the humidor is not your prized cigars you keep in it. Indeed the real heart and soul of this magical box, is the one crucial element that breathes life into them. Ok, you already might know what I’m talking about.


humidor humidifier



Humidor Humidifier Device

 Humidor humidifier device is that most vital element that nurtures your favored smokes, and makes your humidor what it is. Nothing about it can be said enough. This most essential tool is the element that expels fine moisture within the humidor and regulates the humidity level optimal for the life and preservation of your cigars.

Without that, you have no cigars of value and also your humidor dries out rendering it useless until a humidifier builds the moisture levels back up. This is why it’s extremely important that you season, or set-up you humidor when you first bring it home, and must also see to maintaining the humidity levels on a periodic basis.

When you buy your humidor, you’ll want to see if it comes with a humidifier or not. Not all of them have one automatically included. As with most things, there are different types and sizes of humidifiers, and one kind does not match all.

How do I choose the right one?

While there is no one exact rule, it does help to first go by the size and cigar count of your humidor. Match a humidifier relative to how many cigars you humidor holds and look to see that the size and shape coincides in the remaining space in the box.

As you look at the selections, you’ll see the Credo black round ones, and also the rectangular humidifiers.


With the round ones, you might want to cut a small Velcro strip, (or one might be included), to attach under the lid of the box. With more expensive humidors and the rectangle humidifiers, they typically attach via a magnet within the lid. That is a great thing for it makes it convenient for quick removal and access of the device when you need to refill with the Glycol solution.

Get it started

Just like having to set up your humidor when you first buy it, you have to first set up the humidifier as well before installing it for the first time. It is not that complicated a process. You can easily learn this part on, Seasoning Your Humidor.

Monitoring the Humidity

The way to visually monitor the humidity level is with the other important tool, the hygrometer. The gauge allows you to see if your cigars are in the proper atmosphere. Again, you’ll need to calibrate this as well before you install the first time. This too can be easily done, as with the humidifier, however some will advise this be done by a pro at the shop.

The hygrometer is placed by magnate under the lid next the humidifier, but another prominent way you’ll see is mounted on the front exterior of the box. This is actually beneficial because you’ll be able to monitor the humidity without continually opening the lid and allowing the moisture to escape.

So, you now know the true heart and soul of this magic box. You know what it is that really makes the humidor the virtually perfect house for your prized collection of cigars. Because of this, you definitely don’t want to skimp on the one you select. It’s vital you learn just as much about this part of the cigar experience as the cigars themselves.

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