Gran Habano Gran Reserva #3 Cigar Review

  • Ring: 6 1/8 x 52
  • Tobacco:
    • Wrapper: Nicaraguan
    • Binder: Nicaraguan
    • Filler: Nicaraguan and Colombian
  • Acquired January 2011
  • Smoked January 7th 2011
  • Price: $7.10 (about)
  • Beverage: None
  • Cut Method: Cutter
  • Puff Rate (estimate): 1 puff approx every 15 seconds
  • Method of lighting: Cigar Torch Lighter
  • Smoke Time: 100 min (+ or -)
  • Times Ashed: 4

Initial Thoughts:

Time has finally come for the limited production Gran Reserva #3 cigar by Gran Habano to be released into the public. Medium to full bodied in strength the Gran Reserva #3 was blended by George A. Rico using aged Nicaraguan and Columbian tobaccos from the Gran Habano farms. – Gran Habano

Before I start this review I would like to thank Robert from Gran Habano for sending me these samples to review. Today I will be reviewing the Pyramid shape (6 1/8 x 52).  This cigar has a suggested retail price of around $7.10.  The Gran Reserva comes in three different sizes: Churchill (7×50), Pyramid (6 1/8 x 52), and the Gran Robusto (6×54).  Due to the exclusive tobacco used in this cigar only 1,200 boxes of each shape were made. This cigar line features well aged tobacco.  The Nicaraguan Wrapper Leaf has been aged for about eight years, the Nicaraguan Binder has seven years of age, and the blended Colombian and Nicaraguan Filler has seven to eight years of age.

These cigars were rolled in 2008 and thus when released have an additional two years of age.  The Nicaraguan tobacco comes from Gran Habano’s “La Santa Cruz” farm.  This cigar is nicely presented in a Cedar Sleeve enclosed in a protective cellophane wrapper.

The first couple things I noticed about this cigar when I first took the cigar out of the cellophane was the strong odor of tobacco coupled with a familiar barnyard smell which usually is indicative of premium, well aged, tobacco. The second thing I noticed was the oil which covered my fingers as I examined this cigar. The wrapper leaf was an even medium brown color, smooth, without defect. A few small veins were noticeable but overall the cigar was very smooth. The cap construction was spot on with a seamless cap and no defects. No glue from the wrapper band stuck to the wrapper leaf and the foot of this cigar was evenly cut.

With the cap removed a cold draw displayed even airflow with and effortless draw. Flavors of Cedar mixed with hints of cloves and Cinnamon dominated the cold draw flavor profile.  The oil from the wrapper leaf was noticed on the lips as this is one oily cigar.

With the cigar burning it was set aside to breath and open up. Once the cigar was going the first half of the cigar was dominated by light spice on the retro-hale. Notes of Vanilla and Caramel were detected during the first half along with a hearty Earthy undertone. Underlying sweetness indicating a well aged cigar also was present. The first half finished with notes of coffee and other unique flavors mixed with a barnyard aroma.

George A. Rico explains that “Being able to age the leaf and rolled cigars for such a long period of time has created a very rich, smooth, yet complex smoke.”  – Gran Habano

The second half of this cigar was rich with the flavor of popcorn becoming apparent. The spice on the retro-hale increases and the smoke smooths out.  The ash on this cigar is a little on the flaky side and was observed to be a dark gray color.

The results are in!

This is a very solid medium body smoke with tons of flavor. The construction is spot on and the overall smoke was very enjoyable. Gran Habano is well known for creating very good cigars and this cigar undoubtedly continues that tradition.  I would highly recommend this cigar.  

Cigar Rant’s Rating: Very Good

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