Filling the humidifier and other humidifier tips!

humidifier tips

Filling the humidifier

Place the humidifier in a plate and damp it with a propylene glycol (for sponge humidifier) or distilled water.

Keep the humidifier in the liquid during an hour approximately. As soon as the humidifier has absorbed enough liquid, shake it to take the excesses off.

Dry the humidifier with a cloth and put it in the humidor.

Frequency of refilling

The humidifiers made of polymers (like the adorini deluxe premium humidifier) should be refilled with distilled water once a month.

The frequency of this recharge depends on factors like the frequency the opening the humidor, the number of stored cigars, the size of the humidifier, the external humidity, and the external temperature, among others. n the case of sponge humidifiers, the process of refilling is a little more complicated.

The first filling is only with the special solution of propylene glycol, because the distilled water evaporates faster than this solution. Therefore, the humidor must be refilled approximately once a month with distilled water.

The solution of propylene glycol can be used only when the humidity level suddenly drops. Depending on the external temperature, it can necessary after 3 to 6 months.

The solution can not be refilled with more frequency under any circumstance nor use it exclusively since the humidifying system can not absorb liquids and it can not be used anymore.

Level of humidity

Humidity decrease 
If the level of humidity inside the humidor is low, the following measures can be taken into account: The hygrometer should have been calibrated according to the salt solution method having enough propylene glycol (sponge humidifier), besides that, the inside part of it should have been adequately wet before its first use.

The humidifier can be refilled with distilled water. If humidity decreases after a long period of use, it is possible that the humidifier is faulty. For example, the water of a tap covers the pores of a sponge and if there are high levels of propylene glycol, then these two actions could avoid the absorption of the distilled water.

The decrease in humidity after placing the dry cigars in the humidifier is normal.

After some days, the humidity should stabilize. Likewise, opening the humidor door can cause the humidity going down in the inside of it. You should not be worried when variations in percentage are under 70%, since it can be explained according to the accuracy of the hygrometer to be used (see accuracy of the hygrometer).

High humidity 

If humidity is too high, you should do the following: To ensure that the hygrometer was calibrated using the salt solution method, that the humidifier was filled with the propylene glycol solution (only for sponge-based humidifier) and that the humidifier inside was wet enough before its first use.

Only for sponge-based humidifier: It is possible that the last recharge should have been done some months ago and that the refilling of the humidifier with the propylene glycol solution be necessary.

You should not be concerned when there are few variations in the maximum of 70%, because it could be happening due to the hygrometers accuracy (see accuracy of the hygrometer).

Optimum humidity levels


The relative humidity level to store cigars is between 68% and 74% approximately, with the aim of best evolving normal flavors of cigars. Also, this level allows an even burning of the cigar. At a humidity level of 70% and a temperature of 18ºC (64°F), the air contains approximately 10 grams of water per cubic meter of air.

In such conditions, the cigar can adsorb the ideal rate of humidity corresponding to the 14% of its weight. The dry cigars are fragile and burn faster because they have not enough natural humidity and take a much more aggressive and bitter flavor. On the contrary, cigars with more than necessary humidity burn unevenly and take a heavier and acidic flavor.

Some amateurs appreciate these modifications to the cigar flavor and intentionally store them in humid environments according to their preferences. In the 65-75% of cases, cigars can be stored for long periods of time without any problem, although it is necessary to take precautions not exceeding the humidity level of 80% because the cigar can begin to rot and mold. Also see this article about humidor setup and care.

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