How to Detect Counterfeit Cohiba Cigars

counterfeit cohiba cigar

Cohiba cigars are quite an indulgence for people who crave a flavorful smoke. The production of Cohiba cigars has never matched the demand for them. These cigars sell quickly in classy bars for as much as twenty dollars a piece. Because of the high demand for Cohibas, there are many counterfeit Cohibas floating around the market.

The general lack of education among consumers about fake Cohibas only makes them more vulnerable. More and more people are getting involved in the selling of fake Cohibas because the penalties are outweighed by the benefits.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that buying a Cohiba from a cigar store will ensure that it is authentic.  To ensure that you are purchasing an actual Cohiban, it is important to be able to identify common characteristics of fakes.  Here are some indications that you are buying a counterfeit Cohiban cigar:


cohiba cigar box

Warranty seals are usually placed on the front left edge, top flap and on the sliding lid’s edge. This is the Cuban tax seal, which was implemented in 1912. Every Cuban cigar box should carry such a seal. The new warranty seals have intricate details with micro printing, serial numbers and a UV watermark.

Look for the Habanos label to ensure the authenticity of your Cohiban cigar. The Habanos Chevron label is at the upper corner of the dress box. It has a small graphic representation of a tobacco leaf with the word Habanos in red letters and a yellow-orange outline.


hallmark of cohiban cigar

Check for the hallmarks at bottom of the cigar box. You should see the words Habanos s.a (exporter’s company name), Hecho En Cuba (made in Cuba), and Totalmente a mano (totally by hand), in that exact order. These hallmarks are not printed with ink but are actually burned-in marks. To check if the marks are authentic, you should feel the engraved marks by running your fingers along the grooves.

Look for a small piece of paper (resembling a parchment paper) that has a brown Habanos logo. The paper (if authentic) will contain cigar information and recommended storage temperatures, and will be written in Spanish, German, French and English.

Check the cap of your cigar. It should have a smooth finish, along with three noticeable lines.

Cohiban cigars are ringed with a small piece of paper containing its brand name. They should have no mark of glue stains or crease.

Check the length of cohiban cigars here.

Cohiban cigars are the exact lengths indicated above.  If the discrepancy goes over 1/16th inch, then you have a fake Cohiban cigar. This is normally the easiest way to detect a counterfeit.

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