How To Cut a Cigar Properly?

It is not a tough task to cut a cigar but it is very important to do the job perfectly because a bad cut can damage your cigar. So it is very important to know how to cut a cigar perfectly.

how to cut a cigar


Type of Cigar cap:

Before going to cut a cigar, you need to know what types of cigars you are going to cut. Basically, there are two kinds of cigar shape: Parejo and Figurado.

The Spanish word parejo means “even” or ” straight”. Parejos are mostly common cigar shape. Parejos are straight-sided and smooth with a rounded cap.

On the other hand, Figurados come with different shapes. Figarados are any cigar that is not common straight-sided. The examples of Figarados are Pyramid, Belicoso, Torpedo etc. Most of the figurados have a pointed cap.

However, there are three methods to cut a cigar: V-Cut, Punch Cut and Straight cut with a guillotine cutter. I have explained all the methods to cut a cigar.

 Punch Cut:

Cigar punch is favorite among many cigar aficionados due to some advantage of this cutter. The device is very small and easy to carry, easy to use and there is no chance to mess up the cigar. However, there are three types of punches available.

Bullet Punch: It is a bullet shaped device, fits on a key chain. The punch twists to expose a circular blade that cut a hole in the cigar cap.

Havana Punch: Havana punch is safer than another punch with the same convenience. It has a recessed tip and the blade spring out by pushing the button.

Multi Punch: For the different size of cigars, multi-punch offers different size of punch.

How to use punch cut: If you have multi-punch, then pick the punch you want and push the blade into the cap of the cigar and rotate it to cut a hole into the cap and remove it. If your punch cutter is not multi-punch, you need to punch the cutter several times besides the first hole for bigger hole.

Advantages of a punch cutter are that it is very small in size and easily fit in the key ring so it will be with you everywhere. It provides nice and clean hole without a risk of getting mess your cigar.

Caution: Do not push it too hard, it will crush the cap. Cigar punch also not comfortable with the torpedo or pyramid type cigars.

Straight Cut with Guillotine Cutter:

The straight cut means to cut a portion of the cigar cap so that smoke can flow through it and the guillotine cutter does the job.  It is very easy to use guillotine cut. Just give attention in your cigar cap and you will see a kind of line around it. The line around your cigar cap indicates the separation between the main part and the cap of the cigar. Now take your guillotine cutter and open it. Next step is to place the cutter into the cigar as long as you to cut and cut it. Don’t think to cut your cigar more than the cap which can damage your valuable cigar. Just make sure that your cut is clean enough so that you get the best experience. Check the list of our best cigar cutter available in the market. Also check the list of best cigar lighter from here.


V-cut works in the same way like guillotine cutter. This type of cigar cutter offers a v-shaped notch in your cigar head. V-cut has its own benefit. It gives you more area to hold the cigar without loosing tobacco in your mouth. Just put a small portion of your cigar cap into an open v-cut cutter and squeeze the cutter quickly so that it can produce an even cut. A nice v-cut is great for smoking but a bad v-cut can ruin your cigar. So be careful about your cutter and avoid buying a cheap v-cut cutter.

Cutting a cigar is not a difficult task but it is very important. A bad cut can damage your cigar as well as money. So you should be careful when cutting your cigar. Also, keep in mind, a bad cutter can not produce a nice and clean cut continuously. So the solution is to buy a quality cutter and use them like a pro.

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