Common Cigar Questions and Answers!

I’m not much more than a cigar rookie myself and I’m not going to pretend to have all the right answers and try to fool anyone into thinking I’m one of these cigar experts but I’ve picked up a few things and for those who may be entering the wonderful world of cigar smoking might find some of the following Cigar Q and A useful.

Cigar Q and A


How do you cut a cigar?

Using a cutter it’s quite easy. The most common is a straight guillotine cutter. Experiment by taking off 1/16 to 1/8 of the cap but be careful not to cut into the wrapper. If you take the cap completely off, the wrapper will likely start to unravel. I’ve seen Mr. Porch try to smoke an unraveling cigar and it didn’t look very fun.

If you’re using a wedge cutter, these typically are grooved so that there is no guesswork involved. In my experience, the drawback with these is the wedge is always the same size, but the cigar you are smoking is not and poses a problem for smaller cigars.

The punch simply takes out a plug from the end of the cigar. Easy as pie. My preferred method is the standard guillotine cutter. You can pick these up anywhere by spending few dollars. But cheap one doesn’t work good. You should buy a quality cutter. However, I’ve another post to cover this part. Look on this article to learn proper way to cut a cigar.

What is the proper way to light a cigar?

The pros will tell you that you have to use matches or a butane lighter, otherwise, the fumes from your lighter fluid will taint the taste of your cigar. They will also tell you not to let the flame touch the cigar and just get it close enough to get the cherry started. Don’t puff until it’s lit.

I’ll tell you I really can’t tell a difference between using a match and a lighter, but I seem to enjoy the experience more by doing it right.

Should I remove the band before smoking?

Personal preference here. From what I’ve learned there’s no right way on this. If you want to keep the band on fine, if not take it off, put it in your pocket and save it as a souvenir.

How far down should I smoke it?

I normally smoke mine to the band, but if you want to smoke more or less than that go for it. It’s your cigar, smoke it as much as you want to.

Do I need a humidor?

If you’re planning on keeping cigars around and storing them longer than a week or so then you should invest in a humidor. I would not recommend running out and buying an expensive one. If you’re just starting out I would recommend making one until you’re sure this is a hobby you’re going to stick with. (GOOGLE make your own humidor) Once you’re ready to buy one start small and work your way up. I have a list of cigar humidors, lets take a look on the list.


What is the right humidity and temperature for my humidor?

Rule of thumb is 70%/70 degrees. You can give or take a bit but that’s optimum. A dry cigar will unravel and you’ll experience a wide range of issues with your cigars. Proper humidity and temperate are vital for a good cigar experience.

Also worth noting, if your cigar comes pre-wrapped in cellophane, leave it on there until you’re ready to smoke it.

Can a dry cigar be restored?

Yes.  The best advice I can give is:

Step 1: to put the dry cigar in an uncharged humidor alone for about a week.

Step 2: half charge the humidor and leave it in there for 2 weeks.

Step 3: fully charge the humidor or place it another one with the rest of your cigar stash for another 2 weeks. Now it should be good enough to smoke. I’ve tried this with a humidor that has the little green styrofoam pillows and used propylene glycol as the humidification agent. Times may vary depending upon how dry the cigar is.

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