Cold Weather Got Your Humidor Down?

Humidor Care

Winter time is cold time.  Cold time is tough time on cigar humidors!

During winter, cold air knocks down the internal humidity reading of cigar humidors.  Some, glass tops come to mind, more than others.  So what to do?  You just need to work a little harder to maintain proper humidity levels inside your humidor.

If you have a humidor with a passive humidity device, usually the humidifiers that come standard with the humidors, you will have to refill those more often and you can help out the passive device with a couple of other products.  One being the Boveda Humidity Packs, they come in various Relative Humidity (RH) settings and you just toss them into your humidor for a additional boost of humidity.  Be sure to consult the chart to determine how many you will need for your size humidor.   Another solution would be the Cigar Caddy Crystal Gels Just open the top and place in your humidor for a additional boost of humidity.  When the gels shrink by half,  add some distilled water to re-generate them and watch them grow!  When the weather warms up and your humidity readings begin to normalize, you can take out these wintertime helpers.

If you have a electronic humidification device, such as the Hydra or Hydra Commercial Grade Humidification systems, you should be turning the setting up.  You may need to increase the setting from the factory set 70RH to 75RH or so to get proper humidification levels.  Play around with the settings until you get the internal readings you need for your cigars.

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