Cigar Smoking Etiquette

Cigar smokers are not a rambunctious bunch, more a respectable group of enthusiasts who have an elegant taste for tightly rolled tobacco. But being one of these enthusiasts does not come easy, cigar smoking is accompanied with some unwritten rules that if not abided by, can be accountable for giving all cigar smokers a bad name.
To start from the beginning when holding a cigar, the proper grasp is between the thumb and index finger. Most people try to put the cigar between their index and middle finger, like a cigarette, but that right off the bat will be the telltale sign of a cigarette smoker, not a cigar enthusiast.

When lighting your cigar, never let anyone else light it for you. You probably paid a good amount for it, or at least want people to think you did, so you might as well light it properly and enjoy the full experience. If someone else lights your cigar you can inhale too hard and intake too much smoke, which could leave you feeling too light-headed and woozy to take a second hit.

In regards to the label, which is glued on the cigar’s outer leaf, some people like to leave them on to show off the brand, but others have no problem taking off their label. This is really up to the smoker and if you do decide to take off the label, wait until the cigar becomes warm enough for the glue to soften and peel it off. This process should take no more than four hits so about five minutes of smoking. If you find yourself smoking an exotic cigar, such as a Cuban, my advice is to leave the label on and show off your style.

Smoking cigars isn’t a race. During your process you should be taking no more than a hit a minute. Rushing through a cigar will leave you feeling sick because it is tightly packed with freshly grown tobacco; it is meant to be enjoyed. Specifically if your cigar has a heavy flavor, feel free to take your time.


Don’t let ash build up too much on the butt of the cigar. I know it looks really cool to have a four inch trail of ash clinging to the end of your cigar, but that just leaves your clothes in the danger zone for ash stains. A giant trail of ash will also make you immobile and cigars are very social, I doubt you’ll want to sit in a corner just so you can accumulate a significant amount of ash to brag to your friends about. Ashtrays were made for a reason, once about half an inch of ash accumulates, brush it off and start smoking again.

Upon the cigars completion, dispose it discretely and don’t light another for 15 minutes. Any less than 15 minutes gives off the impression that smoking cigars are impulsive or a habit not an activity for pleasure.

Cigar enthusiasts should be considerate to non-smokers when lighting up their cigars. If people don’t want you to smoke inside, just head into the backyard or the front porch to get your fix. Smoking cigars is like being in a cult, it is worth the extra effort in order to give all other cigar smokers and yourself a good name.

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