Cigar Oasis XL Plus Humidifier Review

Conceived to humidify electronic humidors of up to 1000 cigars or 10 cubic feet, the Cigar Oasis XL Plus electronic humidifier has made many cigar aficionados happy with medium sized personal humidors. In addition to the 2 ribbon cable ports, the Cigar Oasis XL Plus electronic humidifier has an AC power port. This means the device can be plugged into an internal socket as is sometimes found in humidor cabinets without having to pass via the ribbon cable used in electronic humidors without internal sockets.

Cigar Oasis XL Plus Humidifier ReviewCigar Oasis XL Plus Humidifier size

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Of the same size as the Cigar Oasis XL, measuring 2 W x 3 1/2 H x 6 L, the Cigar Oasis XL Plus owes its improved capacity to an improved air circulation and a larger water tank. We find that the device works very well up to the 500 count level. Above that, the devices capacity to maintain the set humidity on a constant level for longer periods of time becomes increasingly uncertain. This means that the more you move upwards from the 500 count, the less feasible an alternative the Cigar Oasis XL Plus becomes. If you are looking for an electronic humidifier for a humidor housing up to 1000 cigars, we strongly feel that you would be best advised to consider more a larger more powerful cigar humidifier. A larger humidor obviously makes the size of the electronic humidifier less of an issue.


This being said, the Cigar Oasis XL Plus electronic humidifier does have a much improved capacity compared to the Cigar Oasis XL model. Another advantage is that although powering the device on outlet power is recommended, it is possible to attach a Cigar Oasis battery pack. If you are subject to frequent power cuts or need to transport your humidor, an optional battery pack can be quite an advantage, though it will increase the height of the device.

The Cigar Oasis XL Plus electronic humidifier does not come with a prefilled water cartridge, but setting up the device will not take you long. Do make sure to verify and, if needed, adjust calibration, however. Taking the time to ensure correct calibration will save you a lot of potential problems. Calibration is one of the Cigar Oasis humidifiers strong points as it is easy and fairly quickly done, using an accurate hygrometer or doing a salt test.

Sampling of humidity takes place every few seconds when running on outlet power. While the device is preset for a 70% humidity level, you can adjust this to your own preference. In the case of a power cut, the device will retain the set humidity level and there is no need to reset it. When power is returned, the Cigar Oasis XL Plus will continue to humidify your cigars at the level it was set.

The Cigar Oasis XL Plus can be positioned both standing upright and lying on its side. You do need to make sure that the air vents are not obstructed in any way. There should be at least 1/4 of free space around the vents to allow the humidified air to circulate properly with in the humidor. This is particularly important as the device has no additional fan ports to augment air circulation.

Designed for the larger desktop and small cabinet humidors, the Cigar Oasis XL Plus is a powerful device that works very well in humidors for up to 500-600 cigars. We like it for its improved performance, simplicity and ease of use. The possibility of using the Cigar Oasis battery pack provides a great emergency power back-up as well as some flexibility for transport.

To find the right electronic humidifier for your needs check out our Electronic Humidifier Guide.

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