How to choose your first pipe

How to choose your first pipe
Choosing your first pipe || Photo: Flickr/State Library of Victoria Collections

Many times when a gentleman buys a pipe he´s very eager to find one with the right appearance. What usually is forgotten is the most important aspect when selecting a tobacco pipe to buy – the quality. Your pipe should be like a good friend you enjoy spending time with, the looks shouldn’t be essential. The amount of money you spend on your pipe usually will be important on how well it will taste to smoke it.

If your going for a classic briar pipe – A more expensive pipe will most likely be made of a older briar root, at least 50 years old. This is because the briar root become tight and hard enough to cope with heat exposure and also the extracts that comes from the tobacco when smoking. You should be able to visually notice this on the grain pattern of the pipe. If it has a tight grain pattern it will most likely be high quality pipe. Also look that there isn´t any “fills” in the briar with unnatural material, because this might change the appearance of the pipe over time. You should also look that the parts of the pipes are very well aligned because it will make the airway smoother, it is very important.

If you are completely new to pipe smoking and don´t know whether you will enjoy it or not you could also just try it out with a very cheap pipe. There is no need to spend a lot of money on a pipe you will not use. The only risk is that the low quality pipe will not generate a good smoking experience. One thing you could do is to ask a friend to try to smoke with his pipe first, and then you don´t have to do all the rookie mistakes either when filling the pipe with tobacco and so on.

What you should not do when you got your new pipe is to smoke with it to often as it will get wringing wet and become a bummer to smoke. Let the pipe rest, and the lungs as well. If you insist on smoking a lot, you should have a set of pipes. And if you let them rest after every use, they will become your best friends.

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  1. Sharon Wilson Smith

    December 6, 2017 at 1:24 am

    I totally agree that quality should be considered when buying a smoking pipe because it is the most important aspect to make sure that it will taste well when you smoke it. My husband is interested to try pipe smoking, but he has never tried buying a smoking pipe. Since his birthday is coming, I’m looking to buy him his first pipe, so it’s important for me to know the things that I should be aware of in order to buy a pipe with the best quality. I will make sure to consider all your tips when I go shopping for a smoking pipe.


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