Buying Your Cigar Humidor What To Look For

buying cigar humidor

For many cigar enthusiasts, and novices alike, buying a humidor to keep and maintain your cigars at home is absolutely essential. Enjoying a fine smoke extends beyond just a once a week trip to a cigar shop / “lounge”. Its something you want to enjoy at any time at home as well. Learning what to look for in buying is the first step, then setting it up at home before you lay your smokes in is an extremely important second step.

Let’s take a look at some things you definitely want to consider.

Inner Lining

The first thing you’ll see is the design and style of the humidor. There are all types of colors, veneers, outer casings, etc. The important part though is typically the inner lining. You want to make sure that it’s lined with a Spanish Cedar wood. Most quality and premium humidors are made to that specification.

This particular wood features natural advantages such as ability to absorb and maintain proper humidity and moisture, aids in part in repelling what’s known as “beetles” that can hatch, aids in the aging process, and enhances the flavor of the cigars.

Airtight Seal

One of the worst things for your cigars is a humidor that does not have a proper seal. You don’t want to let the humidity and perfect environment that sustains your cigars to escape. If it doesn’t, you’ll be spending undue effort to correct the humidity levels just about every other day. That can very quickly take the enjoyment and enthusiasm out of having a fine collection of cigars.


The humidifier within the humidor should be able to properly maintain a 70% humidity level.


You want the housing of your collection of fine smokes to last many years. So make sure you buy a quality humidor with hinges designed to last. One possibility is to look for “quadrant” hinges.

Glass Tops and Inlays

One detail you want to look closely at is, if it’s designed to be a glass top humidor, make sure the manufacture did not cut corners and use an acrylic substitute. Another is using screen print inlays for the top wood. Make sure it is actually wood for the humidor. It has been mentioned that if something like that is skimped on, it begs the question of what else in the construction was skimped on.


Should you decide to order your humidor online, beware of shipping prices. Yes they can get a bit high depending on the size, but it shouldn’t be beyond reason. Also, if you don’t see shipping costs listed, move on and keep browsing.

Grow Into It

One consideration you should make for longer term is your enthusiasm for cigars. If you decide you’re going to have your collection grow, you might want to think about buying a bit larger one at the very start. As they get larger, more ornate, and better in craftsmanship, buying quality humidors gets to be pretty pricey. So you’ll want to buy a larger one to grow into and avoid buying more and more of them.

So, at a time when you’re spending a lot in cigars, learning about premium brands, narrowing down your favorites, etc. you really don’t want to suddenly go cheap in the very aspects that are most important to the preservation of your cigars.


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