How to Refill Butane Lighter Safely!

Last updated on September 8th, 2017 at 05:25 pm

Butane Lighter Refill

Butane Lighter Refill – Safely Refill Your Butane Lighter

Here are some tips on how to do a butane lighter refill.

There are several things to keep in mind when your refill your favorite lighter:

  • Never store a lighter close to any source of heat or fire, these include stoves, radiators, fireplaces, or even direct sunlight.
  • Do not refill a lighter in a small closed space, such as a car, or any small cabin, shed etc.
  • Be sure you always keep lighters and the refills away from children.  Fire is fascinating to young children and it is important they do not have access to these items. It could produce unforgivable results.
  • This is flammable gas which is under pressure.

For your safety, please follow these tips and instructions on the butane refill can.

  1. Always allow time for the lighter to cool off before you attempt to refill it. Never attempt to refill it immediately after use.
  2. Adjust the flame to the minimum setting. A small screwdriver is needed to turn the adjusting screw clockwise to close the gas valve. Some lighter models will have an adjustable wheel for this purpose.
  3. When refilling, hold the lighter away from your face and clothing.  Using a small screwdriver, push the refilling valve to let the air out of the fuel tank. If air is left in the fuel tank it will prevent the butane gas from being injected into the lighter and cause it to malfunction.
  4. Always refill your lighter in an upside down position.
  5. You will need to shake the butane refill container, then press the stem into the refill valve of the lighter. Refill the lighter for 5 seconds. You may need to repeat it for a shorter period of time.
  6. Before using the lighter allow 3-4 minutes for the components to reach room temperature.
  7. Re-adjust the lighter flame slowly counter-clockwise to the desired flame height.

Only use a well-known brand name of butane gas refill cans. They should have a minimum of triple-refined quality. Impure gas may cause the lighter to malfunction.

Always Follow the Proper Safety Precautions and Read and Understand the Manufacturers Refilling Instructions Before Attempting to Use a Butane Lighter Refill!


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