12 Best Cigar Lighters To Buy in 2018!

For cigar aficionados, smoking cigar provides a great pleasure and a grand experience. But what about all of the accessories that contribute to the enjoyment. One of the necessities for cigar smoking is, of course, a cigar lighter. Most of the time, it doesn’t even cross our mind.

When you find the perfect cigar lighter, it is almost as important as finding the right cigar.

When you hold the perfect flame up to your favorite cigar, it will become the perfect merger.

It takes patience to learn how to light a cigar. Nothing will ruin a good cigar more than lighting it incorrectly. With one of the “Best” lighter, your patience will be rewarded. However, check out our list of Best Cigar Lighters in 2018. 


Top Cigar Lighters in 2018

Top 12 Cigar Lighters Reviews

Alec Bradley “The Burner” Table Cigar Lighter

Alec Bradley The Burner Table Cigar Lighter

This lighter popularly known as “The Burner” is a wind resistant and huge lighter styled to be balanced on a table and hold-up until the moment you get the desire to light your favorite stogie quickly. With its Bunsen burner flame and single action start, this lighter is ravishing as well as helpful.Additionally, it possess an easy fuel adjuster and also a 1.4 floz butane fuel canister. To make use of this lighter, just open up the valve on the canister and then click on the switch. Close the lid to extinguish the flame.

Once lit, ‘The Burner’ generates a large and stable blue flame. Regardless of the fact that the flame is blue like that of a torch lighter, it’s soft. This result has two benefits. To begin with, the lighter is exceptionally fuel proficient. It is more fuel effective than any torch lighter I have ever used. The successive lower fuel consumption indicates you won’t be spending so much energy and time refilling.

The second benefit is that the lighter’s delicate fire is larger in width than that of even a triple flame torch lighter. This large blue flame allows for a cigar to light, speedily. Of all my lighters (and I’ve possessed numerous), ‘The Burner’ finishes the job of lighting a cigar with the best efficiency.

Take a look on this one minute video:


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Mantello Catador Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter with Cigar Punch Cutter

Mantello Catador Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigar Torch Lighter
This premium lighter features an ergonomic grip design for easy one handed use. There is a cigar punch attachment for your favorite cigar, and a powerful, triple jet flame torch.

Mantello Cigars is a proud and recognized maker of reliable, high-quality cigar product for the present day world demands. Mantello Lighters comprise robust inner and outer design to guarantee sturdy use. Back that up with piezo ignition and an ergonomic grip design. Notwithstanding of whether you are kicking back at home with a cigar or just need a smooth on-the-go lighter, this lighter will be your way to go. This refillable butane lighter features fitting adjustability and easy to-use ignition.

To use this lighter, set the butane pressure to the most minimal setting then turn butane pressure dial, positioned on the base side, counter-clockwise towards the (-) till it stops. After filling up the lighter with butane fuel as stated by the instruction manual of the lighter, move the dial clockwise towards the (+) at least over 1/4 of the way then push the start button.

If it does not ignite, then perhaps the dial may not have been turned sufficiently far. Turn dial progressively and press ignition button once more. You can use the dial to adjust the size of the fire as desired. You should note that the lighter won’t start at the most reduced setting as there is no butane pressure at that setting.

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Falcon Single Jet Flame Cigar Lighter by Colibri

If you are thinking about a single jet crest cigar lighter?

Then you just see the Falcon Single Jet Flame Cigar Lighter which is formed by Colibri. It is a fantastic lighter with its mighty angled jet flame & stylish design.

This single jet flame is superb with its strong single action radiance. Though it is made of metal, it has a beautiful rubberized finish. This lighter is wind resistant & can work in stormy weather.

Another essential feature of this, It has an angled flame. This will gives you enough space for distance for your cigar unladen by the hat.

This cigar lighter comes with refillable butane. It also has fuel height window which makes your advantage to see the optimum level of fuel. The purchase will include a gift box.

The  Falcon Single Jet Flame Cigar Lighter is a slim, fashionable, sturdy & tough with its structure. You can purchase this lighter for special someone or your personal use. The lighter has the 2-year official warranty.

At the end of the topic, we can say that this lighter is perfect for a chain smoker with its all features. You should use it without any consideration.
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Zippo Chrome Lighters

Zippo Chrome Lighters
A Zippo lighter is a reasonably evaluated item with most ranging from the price of $18 to $35. The zippo chrome lighter is a combination of high quality, sentimentality, and value all wrapped up in a little package. What’s more, we know great things come in little packages.

There are several themes to browse. You can go for a basic chrome or hand pick a lighter with a design that your loved one is into maybe as a hobby, profession or passion. There is a Zippo lighter for everybody on your shopping list.

Indeed, even non-smokers love Zippo lighters. It’s not absurd to get a non-smoker a Zippo. Zippo lighters prove to be useful for lighting candles, camping, lighting BBQ’s, offering a light to a smoker buddy, and the like. A non-smoker will think a Zippo is great. It is one of those helpful things that you won’t purchase for yourself, but rather you find yourself using it over and over once you have one.

An engraved Zippo lighter is an ideal gift to mark a special occasion. The perfect times to give personalized Zippo lighter as gifts are moments that will always be remembered: getting a first job, getting a better job, a wedding as groomsmen gifts or bridesmaid gift, graduation, anniversary, safety award, corporate gift, birthday events, or any special event.

Regardless of the event, Zippo lighters make great personalized gifts that won’t break the bank. Engraved Zippo lighters can be very well used for a long period of time if not misplaced. The person who is being given the lighter will definitely recall who gave them that helpful lighter and you will be thought about many times. A Zippo is truly a gift that is remembered and appreciated.

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Corona Old Boy Gold Plate with Sandblast Briar Wood Pipe Lighter

Corona Old Boy Gold Plate With Sandblast Briar Wood Pipe Lighter

This Corona pipe lighter features dim sandblasted briar wood finish combined with gold plating on solid brass body. The Corona Old Boy has for quite some time been the pipe smokers’ favorite pipe lighter. The traditional design has been perfect to the point that they have never changed it since 1972.

It has a stone mechanism where you flip the top open manually and pivots the wheel sideways to get the traditional delicate flame. The built-in comes in handy to clean the pipe and change the flame height and to open the fuel cover cap lock. It has a large fuel tank letting you go longer without refueling.

The Corona Old Boy is a premium butane pipe lighter with rock start and 90′ calculated standard butane flame for pipes, cigarettes, and cigars.

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Vector Thundra Desktop Lighter Gunmetal

Vector Thundra Desktop Lighter Gunmetal
This incredible table top lighter brags of an effective triple torch flame that will light your cigar in seconds. The Vector Thundra Desktop Lighter has an adjustable flame, wind safe with large fuel tank capacity which can be refilled with butane.This lighter is considerably very easy to utilize.


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XiKAR Volta Tabletop Cigar Lighter

XiKAR Volta Quad Flame Tabletop Cigar Lighter in an Attractive Gift Box Warranty Black
New from Xikar, the Volta packs patented technologies convey a high-performance quad flame table top lighter. The oversized push button ignition fits flush toward the round and hollow metal body while the camera aperture inspired lid protects the quad burners.

One – 225gram premium butane fuel – refill containers. It is recommended for all refillable butane lighters. XiKAR’s premium fuel, with almost ‘zero’ impurities lessens contaminants that results in clogged burner valves, failures to discharge, and therefore breakdowns. It is created to defend your lighters against expensive repairs.

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Saberlight Sparq XL Triple Beam Plasma Lighter

Sparq XL Triple Beam Plasma Lighter made by Saberlight is one of the fantastic lighter with its great works & features. Traditional plasma beam lighters are confined by a strait tesla coil which is not acceptable for pipes & bowls. But the new plasma beam lighter is rebuild and re-engineered. That must be acceptable for a cigar, pipes, bowls, etc.

The new Spanx XL come with double plasma beams at top sprout that is able to apply any periphery to kit it glossy. It can light everywhere. Because it has the most powerful wave method in it.

It is a rechargeable lighter & it can recharge within a short time (1 hour). You can use it 300 times per recharge. Moreover, this lighter is free from any chemical & butane. It is a highly windproof and splash proof light. You can use it in any blowy weather.

Sparq XL lighter buying also give you a lifetime guarantee. If it fails anytime, you just return it & get a full refund. You will also get USB charging cable & gift box.

Another amazing part is, this lighter have the airport approval. Yeah, that’s unbelievable but true!

Sparq XL Triple Beam Plasma Lighter is a beautiful lighter with its features. You should use this lighter now.
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IM Corona double

IM CORONA DOUBLE – One of the Best Dual Flame Cigar Lighter on the Market
IM Corona Double Corona Pewter Finish with Etched Design Lighter

IM CORONA DOUBLE CORONA is one of the finest cigar lighters available. DOUBLE CORONA’S have a patented dual-flame nozzle that produces the widest flame available.  They are made from solid brass. Each model is meticulously crafted with the best lacquers, heavy gold plating, and the use of exotic, and rare Cocobolo wood, or chromium.

SAVINELLI’s IM CORONA has been making these elegant lighters since 1933. The lighters are all made in a limited production and built with superior craftsmanship. They pay special attention to the finest details. These lighters are manufactured in Japan, in the same factory since 1933. Each lighter is designed to work precisely as they were intended each and every time.

A ‘Double Corona’ cigar lighter is designed specifically to light cigars. Cigars ranging in size from the slimmest Panatelas to the 50+ ring gauge Canones and Robustos.  It has the widest flame of any cigar lighter produced using a  ‘patented’ dual flame nozzle.

Each of these limited production lighters are a work of art. Although each model will have a different finish, the internal workings remain the same, using only the best quality parts and materials. The lighters are built using flint reliability and have a full warranty. IM CORONA lighters are known for having the industry’s best Repair Service. They are crafted with superior workmanship to make it last a lifetime. The IM CORONA DOUBLE CORONA  is one the best cigar lighter made, at the best prices.

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ST Dupont MaxiJet Torch Flame Lighter

S.T. Dupont Lighter The ultimate in class and luxury

s.t dopont maxijet lighter

One thing you will notice immediately about the S.T. Dupont MaxiJet Lighter is the simplicity of its lines and the characteristic sound. These are the most distinctive features on one of the finest lighters available. Built with precision engineering, you will find none better.

When you handle the lighter you will be attracted to its size and weight. It feels heavy enough to give a feeling of substance, but without feeling bulky or awkward.

S.T. Dupont MaxiJet lighter is the ultimate in luxury. Lighters in the mid-price range may cost up to $200. Some of the fancier models which have more detail will cost about $500, they are made with Chinese lacquer or a gold dust lacquer. This company is very meticulous and they are very serious when it comes to creating the most luxurious lighters available.

A unique feature of this lighter is the characteristic of Dupont Ping when they are opened.  They also boast that it has the widest flame of any cigar lighter . Precision engineering along with the exquisite Chinese lacquer, truly makes this one of the finest cigar lighters you will ever find. The prestige of an S.T. Dupont MaxiJet Lighter tells the world that you are a true cigar aficionado.

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XIKAR ELX  Lighter

Xikar ELX Lighter Best Selling Lighter for Cigar Smokers!

Xikar 9652GM Gun Elx Lighter

The Xikar ELX lighter is a very popular cigar lighter.  Xikar lighters are known for its fast, easy ignition and powerful double jet flame.  It has a very sleek and technical style that is sure to catch everyone’s eye.

Its design has been tweaked to boast a lightning fast, Rapid Fire ignition and an XIKAR 9 mm cigar punch is conveniently hidden in the base of the lighter.

To fire up the lighter, a trigger opens the protective cap and ignites two powerful jet flames.  The lighter also includes a handy fuel gauge so you will know when the butane tank needs to be refilled.

There is a large adjustment wheel which allows you to adjust the size of the flame.  The solid feeling, metal body case is usually available in a variety of durable finishes,  including black, gunmetal, chrome silver, blue, and red.  After you buy this lighter, firing up that Churchill will be a snap.

Xikar ELX Lighter Features:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Available in gun metal
  • Double jet flame
  • Butane Refillable Lighter
  • Built-in 9mm Cigar Punch

Xikar is well-known for their famous lifetime warranty, which means a lifetime of satisfaction for you. The lighter will be shipped without butane in it.

Xikar ELX lighters are unique and sophisticated, and these products are constructed to be very reliable and ergonomic in design. The flame holds up extremely well in windy conditions and the lighter itself is very solid.

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XiKAR Allume Double Flame Cigar Lighter

Are you searching a lighter with double flame and an attractive gift box as a bonus? Then try for the  XiKAR Allume Double Flame Cigar Lighter.

This XiKAR Allume Double Flame Cigar Lighter will exceed your expectations. The lighter will carry your 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This lighter provides great reliable outer look, easy use opportunity, easy to transport option. It also offers flawless usage over months after months. 

XiKAR Allume Double Flame Cigar Lighter also has another blasting configuration. It has double torch flame with side attached trigger. It also has automated burner that covers its piezo spark. And even its bold finishes general filling device with a huge flame adjuster. This side squeezer ignition gives a  cigar smoker extra power and privilege while having the cigar.

These lighters are produced to do more than just operate well but come in a variety of different styles for use. If you do not want to ruin your cigar flavor, this will be the perfect choice for you. Overall, it works great so far.  But one thing to mention that it doesn’t come with the fuel.

We recommend this XiKAR Allume Double Flame Cigar Lighter if you are looking for the double flame. And don’t forget about the attractive bonus gift box.
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 Things to Consider Before Buy a Cigar Lighter


Things you should never do are, use a cigarette lighter and leave the matches alone. These will ruin a valuable cigar. As you know, cigars are made with a moist tobacco. Cigarettes are made with a dry tobacco, which means you will need to use a lighter made specifically for cigars. Lighters used for cigars have a broader flame and use a clean burning fuel. When you combine these 2 factors, it makes a better tasting cigar.

You will need to decide what features are important to you.

Lighters are available on line or in any cigar shop. There are, however, several things that must be taken into consideration before you buy.

Choices will always depend on your lifestyle, how often you use the lighter, and how much do you want to spend.

If you spend a lot of time outside and smoke your cigars outdoors, then you will need a windproof cigar lighter. Torch lighters are great for the outdoors-man. You can purchase this type of lighter with a waterproof case, lanyard, floating devices and even a compass. A torch lighter produces an intense blue/green flame that can be easily controlled.

You could choose a lighter which burns butane. A butane lighter uses a clean burning fuel that will not affect the taste of the cigar. These lighters produce a precise flame allowing for an evenly lit cigar. They are waterproof and not affected by the wind.

How much do you want to pay for the cigar lighter?

Another decision to be made is how much are you willing to spend. Good wind resistant lighters with refillable butane will vary in price. The average price will be $20-$100. Designer lighters may cost $100-$200 and even more if you wish.

If you would like to show your flair and personality, there are many collector’s lighters on the market. They also make a great conversation piece or gift for that cigar lover.

Many top brands are available and it will depend on your needs and personality. But some lighters used for cigar smokers seem to single themselves out as the most popular.

What makes the cigar lighter “the best” among the many?

Butane is what makes the difference because by using butane lighters you can let the flame come to the cigar, instead of putting the flame to the cigar, which you should never do as that’s what ruined the flavor your first time around.

More than that, it’s the jets as well.

Butane lighters can be:

  • Single Jet
  • Dual-Jet
  • Triple jet
  • Quad jet
  • Tabletop(novelty too)

The amount of jets your lighter has makes a difference to how you light your cigars. Using single jet lighters, precision is required to control the direction of the flame.

The more experienced cigar smokers know this and use multi-jet butane lighters to get an even spread of heat distribution to the end of the cigar, without burning too far up the cigar, which is when the tobacco further up begins to be burnt ruining the flavor.

To ensure you get the best lighter for cigars, you need to focus on finding the best butane lighter because, how you light your cigar determines the quality and your enjoyment of those precious first few draws.

Quality Cigar Lighter that Won’t Ruin Taste

Quality cigar lighter will light your cigar using heat distribution and not the flame. For first-time cigar smokers, you likely used your normal lighter to light it and that’s not close to being the cigar lighter. If you made that mistake, you’d have found the first few draws disgusting, but given the price, you smoked it anyway.

The more you smoke that first cigar, the better it begins to taste.

To get your first draws tasting the same as your taste bud tingling final puffs, only the quality cigar lighter will do because naked flames have no place near a cigar.

Being intrigued into the flavor differences, you (like many others before you) turn your attention to research into your newfound interest in the cigar-smoking hobby to find out more about taste differences.

As you look to the cigar hobbyist communities online, it becomes apparent that there are lighters specifically better at lighting cigars than some others are. Suddenly, you discover forum boards with users advising on their top lighter brand, to then find out different from other cigar lighter reviews posted online.

By now, you’re immersed in cigars and want to get the most out of your experiences. Your quest to find the best cigar lighter available has somehow led you to here, where hopefully you’ll have all (or at least most) of your questions answered.

The best lighters for cigar are the ones that let you toast your cigar

Toasting your cigar is not about raising a glass with the company you are in.

It’s about applying just enough heat for the front strands of tobacco to blacken in color. This is a technique you need be master because lighting a cigar is much different to lighting a cigarette.

You do not inhale, nor do you put the flame near it.

Without knowing how to toast your cigar, not even the best cigar lighter will enhance your enjoyment of your first draws of any brand of cigar you smoke.

How you do it is by holding your lighter upright in one hand, with your cigar on the other. The lighter is not directed toward the cigar but instead held upright and the cigar aimed towards the flame but never coming into contact with it. The heat alone from the butane lighter is enough to toast just the tobacco at the very end of the cigar.

By toasting that with heat and not the flame, you don’t burn the tobacco further up.

For that reason, you need a good butane lighter to create a good amount of heat so that you can keep the actual flame well away from the tobacco.

Cutting the cigar affects how you light it too

As you’ll know, before you can light your cigar, you first need to cut it.

For that, you need a good cutter so you can cut right at the cap of the cigar. Cut it wrong or with a blunt cutter, you run the risk of the cigar unraveling as you smoke it. That can happen if you cut too far down below the cap.

You need a good and sharp cigar cutter.

Any of what are considered the best cigar lighters have a cutter incorporated into the design because it’s far more convenient. If you’ve read any of the many cigar lighter reviews, you’ll know that convenience matters a lot to enjoy your cigars outdoors.

Great cigar lighters will always have a cutter so you never find yourself in possession of what could be a great smoke, only to find you can’t enjoy it.

Adjustable flames are a must

Lighting your cigars is much like the smoking of them in the sense that it’s an individual thing. What works for you, will not always work the same as anyone else’s opinions of cigar cutters and lighters you read or watch videos of online because it’s an individual technique.

For that reason, the best lighters need to have an adjustable flame. If you find you tend to hold the lighter close to your cigar when you’re toasting it, you want the lowest flame setting possible.

If you’re of the more cautious type, with a tendency to really take your time and keep a lot of distance between the flame and the cigar, you may be better with a larger flame for more heat, allowing you toast the tobacco much faster.

Or you may find you enjoy the toasting of the tobacco and want to take your time with that part.

It’s a personal experience and the cigar lighter brands take this into consideration by ensuring you can personalize the flame setting.

The biggest complaint found from cigar lighter reviews

Fuel loss! Even the best butane lighter can suffer from this.

Multi-jet butane lighters go through a lot of fuel.

People don’t realize just how much.

When you get a butane lighter for the first time, you will be tempted to travel the road that many seasoned cigar smokers still have problems eliminating.

Playing with the lighter.

Among the best butane lighter will store enough fuel for about ten cigar lights.

Due to the high amounts of fuel used to light each cigar, you need to be igniting it sparingly. Do not play with these. You will regret it when you’re out and want to light your cigar only to find you’re out of butane.

If you smoke cigars and cigarettes, remember the two are lit differently. You can light a cigarette with the cheapest of lighters you can find, ( like this one ) but when you invest on the cigar lighter, keep it for exactly that.

Cigars only!

  • Not for tinkering with.
  • Not for showing off around your buddies.
  • Not for lighting the barbecue.

For lighting your cigars only because nothing but the best will do.

Torch Lighters make the best lighter for cigars?

Cigars are much thicker than cigarettes, going as much as an inch in diameter. The tobacco is tightly packed together, allowing little air to pass through, so it takes a lot of heat to light it.

The best butane lighter will always be the one with the torch feature.

The difference with torch lighters is that the butane gas is forced through a narrow jet opening with high pressure creating a flame with a much higher temperature than traditional lighters.

A traditional lighter can burn at up to 800F, but with high-pressure butane torch lighters, that temperature is raised threefold with a flame that burns at 2500F, which is great for cigar smokers because it means that hard to light a cigar, can be lit without putting a naked flame near it.

Heat distribution can also be spread more evenly using multi-jets, where instead of having just one jet, you have the advantage of using multiple jets for faster heat distribution, and you don’t need to master precision distribution as you would with a single jet lighter.

Multi-jets create a higher temperature, allowing you to keep the flame farther from the tobacco; getting a great toast to the end of the cigar, and light it evenly the first time, producing a more consistent and even burn to the cigar as you smoke it. 


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    I have brought Alec Bradley “The Burner” . Looking exceptional in my table. One of the best cigar lighter for home use.


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    Corona Old Boy Gold Plate is my favorite because of its performance and antique look.


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      Also my favorite. It is really fabulous.


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    XIKAR ELX Lighter is my first double flame lighter and I am very pleased with it. And I wanna thank you admin for your article.


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    Corona Old Boy is my favorite. One of the best pipe lighter. It looks very gorgeous and fells awesome in my large hands.


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    Good collection of cigar lighters.


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    ST Dupont MaxiJet Torch Flame Cigar Lighter is too many expensive but the quality is unbeatable. Love it.


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