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Humidor is an essential accessory for a cigar aficionados. To retain the flavor and quality of your cigar over a long period of time, it is essential to keep them into a humidor. Humidor maintain the environment which is mandatory for cigar to retain the flavor and quality same. So you should have the best cigar humidor in your collection and we will help you to find your humidor.

Monte Carlo
Editor Choice
Tight seals
Classic design
Holds upto 120 cigars
Made from Spanish cedar wood.
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Best Value Winner
Interior made from authentic Spanish cedar
Scratch-resistant inside lining
Best value
Holds upto 50 cigars
Glass top makes it easy for viewing
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Caddy 3240
Best Travel Humidor
Super-strong ABS Molded Plastic
Silicone Seal
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You should consider the following things before select your humidor.

Choose the Right Size

Pick the right size humidor will accommodate your cigar collection. It is also essentials for maintaining humidity and temperature properly.  If your humidor is too large then the humidity of the box will be unbalanced due to extra free space of you humidor. On the hand, if your humidor is too small then you can not place all you cigar into it. If you force to put all cigars, it will affect the flavor. So perfect size is the key for the best cigar humidor.


You should also think about portability of your humidor. If you travel a lot then you should choose a travel humidor or you should choose a humidor which is easy to carry.

Check the wood type

Best humidors are made from the Spanish cedar which works best for preserving humidity. There are also many humidors which are made from mahogany, oak even from cheery.

Built-in or separate Accessories

There are two options for you. You can buy with a hygrometer and thermometer built-in or not. But our recommendation is that to purchase a built-in humidor which will save your cash.

Tight Seals

Tight seals are everything for maintaining the temperature and humidity perfectly.


List of Best Cigar Humidors in 2018


Best Cigar Humidor To Buy For The Money

1. Quality Importers Desktop Humidor, Capri-Glasstop

This cigar humidor receives our best value cigar humidor for small range humidor. This is a great humidor for starters. It can holds upto 50 cigars. It’s interior made from Spanish cedar with elegant Rosewood finish and the felt-line bottom is scratch-resistant.  

It comes with built-in metal hygrometer, a humidifier, a removable cedar divider with full instruction which will give you 100% satisfaction guarantee. The tempered glass top make this humidor stylish and help you to see you cigars without open your humidor.


  • Interior made from authentic Spanish cedar
  • Scratch-resistant inside lining
  • Best value
  • Holds upto 50 cigars
  •  Glass top makes it easy for viewing


  • The seals sometimes not work properly

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2. Prestige Import Group Monte Carlo Wood Cigar

Monte Carlo receives our Editor Choice Award for midrange humidor. It is one of the best humidor available in the market. It’s a classic humidor and holds up to 120 cigars. This simple and nice looking humidor is lined with Spanish cedar and rich cherry finish with gold color handles and locks makes it stylish. It comes with large removable cedar tray and 2 adjustable Spanish Cedar dividers. It has built-in hygrometer and humidifier.

This humidor has great tight seal. Some users have complained that the Hygrometer and humidifier tend to fail but it is working great for me and most of other users.


  • Made from Spanish cedar wood.
  • Tight seals
  • Classic design
  • Holds upto 120 cigars


  • There are ¼ inch gap between drawers that’s why there are a chance to take air from outside.

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3. Caddy 3240 10 cigars waterproof Travel Humidor

Cigar Caddy 3240 receives our best travel humidor award. This humidor made by super-strong ABS Molded Plastic which is waterproof. This humidor is perfect for the water sports aficionados and perfect as a travel humidor. It includes a humidifier and holds upto 10 churchill length cigars.

It uses silicon seal which is airtight and watertight. This humidor has a removable urethane foam to holds 5 cigars and a fixed piece of foam on the bottom to holds another 5 cigars. You can choose Cigar Caddy 3240 without any hesitation as a travel humidor. This humidor nicely fits into a briefcase, a golf bag or a glove compartment. Also check out the list of best travel humidor.


  • Super-strong ABS Molded Plastic
  • Silicone Seal
  • Waterproof
  • Crushproof
  • Humidifier


  • Locking clasps/clips tend to break so you have to use carefully.

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4. Dublin Desktop Glasstop

It is a nicely designed humidor which holds 100 cigars easily. It comes with a built-in digital hygrometer. This humidor is the best in quality for the price. The diamond cut glass top gives the humidor is a unique look. There are plenty of space for Xikar humidor fan and Xikar humidity jars with 100 cigars.



  • Holds upto 100 cigars
  • Tight Seals
  • Stylish Design
  • Plenty of space to set up everything nicely including 100 cigars.


  • Hygrometer is not good. You need to replace with good one.

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5. Whynter Stainless Steel Cigar Humidor & Cooler

This humidor is a perfect choice if you are a serious cigar aficionado and want to store your cigars for long term. It is designed to store cigars for long time. The removable drawer and shelves are made from Spanish cedar. It has 2 flat shelves and a drawer with upto 250+ storage capacity. It has a LCD temperature display with 50 F – 66 F range. This humidor comes with great packaging by Styrofoam to prevent damage during shipping.


  • 250+ storage capacity
  • Stylish
  • Easy freestanding setup.
  • Temperature is easily controllable within 50 F to 66 F range by adjustable thermostate.


  • This humidor tends to noisy.


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6. The Milano Countertop Cigar humidor

The Milano Countertop Cigar humidorMilano Countertop cigar humidor is one of the stylish humidors. This humidor with three attractive angle trays is fit for any location. It gives you 360 degree viewing because the humidor using 4 glass sides.  This humidor includes 2 humidifiers and it holds upto 125 cigars.



  • 2 humidifiers
  • 360 degree viewing
  • Elegant design
  • Budget Friendly


  • Made of cheap materials


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7. La Cubana Desktop Cigar Humidor

La Cubana is the most elegant, beautiful designed humidor. It’s interior is made from klin-dried Spanish cedar which gives the humidor complete moisture prevention.

It comes with a cedar divider and a hygrometer and it’s storage capacity upto 50 cigars. The hinge of the  humidor is also sturdy. It’s stylish design and handy construction makes the humidor one of top cigar humidor.


  • Elegant Design
  • Strong Hinge


  • Very expensive.
  • Humidifier and Hygrometer tend to fail


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 Types of Cigar Humidor

Now, before going to choose your humidor, you should fix that which type of humidor you need. Generally, we can divide humidors into 4 types depending on its capacity and purpose.

Walk-in Humidor/ Room Humidor: This type of humidor is usually found in cigar bars and stores. Generally, it is a room which is converted into a humidor to maintain humidity lever for cigars.

Furniture Humidors: There are many kinds of furniture humidors to choose from. There are a few things to keep in mind before proceeding to buying one. First and foremost, there is a need to evaluate the scope of a person’s or a group of people’s cigar collecting. This will give an idea on how much storage space you need for cigars. Furniture humidors have different storage capacities. Some can hold hundreds of cigars, while others can hold thousands.

There are coffee table humidors with glass-top covers that showcase the collection. Some of therm are end tables equipped with pull-out drawers and other divisions, ideal for absolute organization. There are also ones that have other purposes such as a humidor that also serve as a wine rack. Some humidors can hold up to 3000 cigars, and designed like a cabinet. For the not so modest, there are even tower humidors that showcase the entirety of the collection whilst keeping the cigars smoking fresh and tasty. This would be best for those who take pride in their cigar craft and maintenance.

The best thing about these furniture humidors is that they can easily complement interior decor of any room. The variety of wood finishes ensures that there will be a piece that will perfectly match other room fixtures. For the ideal temperate humidity, the humidors should have an interior veneer of Spanish cedar. Other features such as having built in outlets will also come in handy for humidifiers. There are also ones that have locks and keys for those who are rather possessive of their cigars beginning of document.

Desktop and Personal Humidor: A good quality desktop humidor is handy when it comes to storing cigars. A humidor’s primary function is to make sure the humidity is constant and prevent drying out of cigars. Ideally, the humidity levels should be around 65%-75% to keep the cigars fresh and tasty. There are many kinds of humidors and choosing the perfect cigar humidor for a cigar hobbyist is dependent on how serious they are in their craft.

For instance, aficionados who are new to this craft would not have much use for the grand cabinet-style humidors because those can hold up to 3000 cigars at one time. Having a lot of space inside a humidor is not a good idea especially that the more empty space it has, the more humidity would drop. Desktop humidors can usually store 20 to 100 cigars at a time, which makes it more practical for those who do not want to invest hundreds of dollars in cigars. At the same time, these humidors are also ideal for those who already have a sizable humidor but needs a smaller one for other places such as the business office or the log cabin, or poker table.

Best cigar box either have the interior veneer of mahogany or Spanish cedar because they keep the humidity levels at bay. It would also be a crucial step to choose desktop humidors that are equipped with their own humidifier. They make a sophisticated addition to a desk at the office or at home. You may also want to choose a desktop humidor that has felt on its underside- this is a practical feature specifically to prevent scratches on fine wooden furniture.

Travel Humidor: Those who cannot be taken away from their cigars need a travel humidor when they travel. The grand humidors designed for homes and offices hold hundreds of cigars but suddenly become useless when travel comes to mind. Even the desktop humidors that are not so bulky are still not handy for traveling. Cigar enthusiasts who also travel can depend on those humidors that have been specifically designed for travel.

There are many different kinds of travel humidors. There are those that are designed to hold less than 10 cigars while there are those that can hold less than a hundred. It would really depend on how much traveling would be done. The material used for its exterior can be different kinds of leather which are very stylish to carry. Choosing the perfect cigar humidor for travel is a matter of deciding how much storage is needed during the travel.

Inside travel humidors, there still is means for organization. The bigger ones are equipped with removable Spanish cedar compartments while the smaller ones make use of straps, velcros or notches to hold the cigars in place. This would make ideal gifts for those who are sworn cigar hobbyists especially those who are going away for some time. What makes these humidors handy is that they prevent cigars from being crushed. On top of that, they are also waterproof. The most important thing, however, is ensuring that the humidity level is kept in the best storage environment for cigars, which a travel humidor handles perfectly.

Characteristics of a Quality Cigar Humidor!

A gentleman or lady who enjoys a fine cigar knows that a quality humidor for cigars is an essential part of keeping the cigar fresh. When you properly take care of your cigars, they will last you for years. That is why it is necessary to make sure that you own the best cigar humidor for all your cigars. You want to make sure that you know whom the manufacturer is that makes your quality humidor for cigars. You want a reputable manufacturer who will use the right materials and constructs your quality humidor for cigars properly.

A Quality humidor for cigars is a box that is specially engineered to allow for outside air exchange while still being tight enough to maintain an optimal humidity to keep your cigars fresh. People have used different types of storage systems for their cigars but this never works because it takes a quality humidor for cigars to keep the freshness. You really do not want to trust your very best cigars to just any type of storage instead select a quality humidor for cigars. Things like freezers or ice chests will not keep your cigars fresh for any length of time. You want the very best quality humidor for cigars to keep your special cigars fresh.

Best Cigar Humidor should have proper ventilation system

Many people who try to sell you a quality humidor for cigars try to convenience you that their humidor is the best because it is airtight. You do not want a humidor that is airtight because your cigars will only mold. Instead, you want to know that your quality humidor for cigars will properly ventilate letting the outside air exchange allow enough humidity to keep your cigars fresh. The ability to let your cigars get just enough humidity to keep them fresh is vital. Some companies even try to pass off jewelry boxes as quality humidor for cigars. You should be very careful that you are not stuck with one of those special made jewelry box made like a quality humidor for cigars.

Quality cigar humidor will have the interior lined in kiln-dried Spanish cedar not felt lining. Those humidors makers who use felt are not even remotely aware of the importance of using kiln dried Spanish cedar. Kiln dried Spanish cedar is the type of wood that will give the most aroma neutral on the market today. The idea behind a quality humidor for cigars is to have a box that will keep your cigars fresh for years preserving their natural aroma. A good cigar is something that every man enjoys who likes the taste and aroma of quality tobacco. In order to preserve that taste and aroma it takes a quality humidor for cigars.

Humidors for Cigars are Quality Made

Since you have special cigars that offer great taste and probably were very expensive then it makes sense that you want to own the best cigar humidor for your cigars. Those special cigars cannot rest in a cheap jewelry box or some off the wall cooler and keep their pleasant aroma. Instead, it takes a quality humidor for cigars that you own. When you are looking for that specially made humidor make sure that you check the type of wood that is used and how it is ventilated. There are many quality humidors for cigars on the market today.

When you know what to look for then you will be a better shopper and find that you will be able to get a great quality humidor for cigars that will keep all your cigars fresh as the first time you bought them. It is not only important to buy a quality humidor for cigars but you also need to know how to season your humidor. It is not just a matter of throwing your cigars into your humidor but you need to season it first. You want the quality humidor for cigars, that is made of the Spanish cedar, capable of adding some moisture to keep the cigars fresh.

If you do not season Spanish cedar that is kiln dried then the wood will take all of the moisture from your cigars. You will want to make sure that your humidor has an analog hygrometer/digital hygrometer so you will know just how much moisture your quality humidor for cigars is letting into the unit. Put your calibrated hygrometer inside of your quality humidor alongside of a humidifier and then close the lid to the humidor. You will know that your quality humidor for cigars is ready for your best cigars when the hygrometer reads 70RH. This is a very important step in getting your quality humidor for cigars ready to store your cigars.

The steps that you take to prepare your quality humidor for cigars if done properly will only need done one time. Then you will be able to store all your cigars as long as you would like. Spanish cedar is one of the finest woods today used by manufacturers in the creation of quality humidor for cigars. Quality humidors for cigars found on the internet are an excellent way to make a purchase at a discounted price. A quality humidor for cigars can be very expensive but bought online can help you save money while you are still getting a great humidor.

Quality humidors for cigars can come in all sizes and shapes. You might like to select one that looks like a wardrobe, or perhaps you want it to be a beautiful square box to ornate your desk. You can find many different designs and shapes of quality humidors for cigars. The outward beauty of a cigar humidor only adds to any décor in your home. The inward workings of your quality humidor for cigars will keep your cigars fresh for years to come. When your cigars are fresh then the taste remains intact. A quality humidor for cigars is the choice for cigar smokers.


Caring for your Cigar Humidor

Premium hand-rolled cigars age much like fine wines. Most premium smokes will continue to improve for up to their first 15 years after being picked from the sun-drenched fields they’re grown in. Just like fines wines, they do need a little tender loving care along the way.

The humidifier in your cigar humidor should always be filled with either humidification solution or distilled water (available in most supermarkets for the price of a couple postal stamps). Humidification solution is simply a mixture of distilled water, polyglycol and a mold inhibiter and will guarantee that your cigar humidor is kept at 70% relative humidity (give or take a couple percent). You should always try to position your humidor in a location with a consistent temperature which never exceeds 70F. The optimum temperature you’re looking for is between 66F and 70F.

You should be able to use your cigar humidor as soon as you add the water to the humidifier, there is no need to wait a few days to test the condition of your cigars. To make sure your humidor is doing its job, press with the pad of your thumb just below the band of the cigar. The cigar should feel firm but have a little spring to it if it is being properly cared for. If it feels hard and brittle then you screwed up and your lips should never touch the soft leathery Cohiba wrapper again… Of course, we’re kidding, simply fill your humidifier again or consider getting an extra humidifier if you think your humidor is a little too large for the humidifier you bought.

Remember that premium cigars need fresh air every now and again. Be sure to open your humidor at regular interval and be sure to rotate the cigars. If you are storing your cigars for a relatively long period of time, at the end of each week put the cigars on the bottom layer of your cigar humidor to the top layer of the humidor to ensure consistency from cigar to cigar.

Placement of your Cigar Humidor:

Store your humidor on a flat, level surface which will prevent your little bratty niece from knocking over your prized collection of aged smokes and causing a family war. Never store your humidor in direct sunlight which may fade the wood, fade your beautifully cigar wrappers and heat the inside of the humidor.

Cleaning your Cigar Humidor:

Always use a soft, clean cloth when cleaning your humidor. Any over the counter dusting spray or wax is fine to use on the outside of your humidor. Try not to use harsh chemicals on the inside of the humidor as these chemicals will be cycled throughout the environment and your cigars will taste like they were rolled by Mr. Clean. Regular dustings will help you to keep your humidor looking as good as new. Be sure to change the water in your humidifier every couple weeks and when doing so, check for any bugs. Occasionally some premium cigars have tiny tobacco bugs that come over from their native countries. These little guys can prove disastrous to your cigar stock and are normally kept at bay by the scent of the Spanish cedar lining your humidor.

Mixing Cigars in Humidors?

Should You Mix Cigars In Your Humidor?

There are definitely two schools of thought on this matter. On one side of the aisle, you have people who say definitely do not mix your cigars in the same humidor. On the other, some say it’s actually not a bad idea.

Some say don’t mix in humidor

Would-be “purists” will say that keeping same cigars together help to preserve their unique flavors and aromas. That stands to reason. After all, you buy specific cigars for their particular tastes, aromas and unique characters. Some are milder in strength and flavors, while others can be toward the more full-bodied kind that can pack a kick.

Are there any benefits?

Now, some in the other camp view it from the standpoint that when different cigars are put in the same humidor together, those aromas and flavors can mingle in with each other and improve some cigars qualities. Still yet, they say that the younger cigars in the box can benefit the older drier cigars by allowing them to take in more of the new one’s moisture.

How Do You Arrange Your Humidor?

If you decide to see what happens somewhere in the middle, (if there is one), you can always experiment just a bit. You could try a handful of cigars varying in aromas, flavor profiles, and ages in one humidor. (I say just a handful due to the potential undesired outcome, and the fact that some quality, premium cigars can be expensive). Keep them in for anywhere from a few days to 1 to 2 weeks. Make doubly sure that the humidity level is staying consistent, (optimally at 70%).

And the results are…..

At the end of the time range of your experiment, it’s time for the results. Smoke each one and determine if your cigars actually did absorb some of the other flavor profiles. Did one cigar’s taste actually get ruined as a result over another one, or did the flavors get enhanced? Did some of them pull in a bit more moisture from younger ones? These are the questions you use to conclude just where you stand on this concept.

Glass or wood?

To store cigars for few months, humidors with glass or wooden lids are equally effective. However, if cigars are to age for a long period in a humidor, then, humidors with wooden lids are preferred.

Humidors with glass lids must not be exposed to direct sunlight. If they are stored for a long time, it causes discoloration in the first rows of cigars. On the other hand, glass lid humidors offer the possibility of maintaining a constant humidity level in the humidor because they are opened less.

It is very useful for humidors in restaurants, clubs and hotels. Glass doors in cabinet humidors do not have any negative impact on cigars storage, provided that, they are stored in their original boxes.

Regarding the position of cabinet humidors, they should never be exposed to direct sunlight.

Does the humidor should have an airtight seal?

The tobacco of cigars “breathes”. It consumes oxygen and emits gasses into the air. For that reason, it is important to air humidors regularly to provide them with fresh air.

Humidors should close well for maintaining the internal humidity level; therefore a hermetic seal is neither necessary nor advisable.

If the humidor is not opened for long periods of time, the oxygen level can be maintained by placing a match under the humidor lid. Later, you have to check that the humidor can maintain a constant humidity level.

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