Best Cigar Cutter To Buy For The Money in 2018

Welcome to the sun soaked days of cigar smoking, we’re here with reviews of the best cigar cutters to make sure each cut is the absolute best one. A high quality cigar cutter is the grinder to your espresso, it’s the key to the bold and spicy flavors of the cigar kingdom. Some prefer simple, practical cutters with only one steel forged purpose while others prefer a cutter as exotic and seducing as the cigars which it will soon embrace. 

Editor Choice: Best Cigar Cutter

Xikar XO Cutter

Xikar XO Cutter. Best Cigar Cutter

I am a big fan of Xikar because they never compromise with quality. But the Xikar XO cutter made me crazy about xikar because in terms of design, it is unique. There is nothing in the marker like this one and in terms of build quality, just A+.

When I first saw this cigar cutter in their monthly newsletter, my first expression was “what is this? I have to be owned this”.  Although it is little bit pricey but the lifetime warranty of xikar made me comfortable to buy it. Now I am going to give you an interesting info that xikar spent three years doing research and development on one cutter and Xikar Xo Cutter is that one which they invented from these researches. You might think, I am crazy but it’s true and the result is really fantastic.

Planetary gear system of this cutter ensures that both blades perform in perfect harmony during both opening and closing. Also this mechanism of this cutter distributes the pressure to each blade evenly. So you can go for this cigar cutter without any hesitation.

Here’s a quick video showing Xikar Xo Cutting 6 Cigars..

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 When the time comes for a genuine Robusto or peace provoking Churchill, you’re going to need a true cigar cutter. Respect your cigar and cherish it with a clean cut. Forget choking the smoke flow with poorly manufactured tools. With ease, graze your cigar with the perfect trim.

Because It’s What Makes Your Cigar Great

Any cigar worthy enough to smoke, must be cut. We are here to help you find what we believe to be the best cigar cutter and their reviews to savor your time honored spices. The first part of enjoying your cigar takes place well before you light the match. To savor the bold flavors and timeless aromas of your cigar you need a high quality cigar cutter. We pieced together cigar cutter reviews to display the best cutters for the lifestyle. One to get the job done right, or one that also tells the world all it needs to know. Whether you want to define your cutter, or allow your cutter to define you. Our cigar cutter reviews will show you what you are looking for.

Our Top Recommended Cigar Cutters in 2018….

To ensure that the tobacco within is preserved, the majority of fine cigar producers cap one end. This end, which will eventually be smoked from, must be cut. Unless you prefer inhaling bits of cigar wrappings or tobacco while you smoke, you need a finely crafted tool to “split” the cap. A quality cutter ensures the cigar burns and smokes evenly. A cutter is an essential for any enthusiast. To fully enjoy your cigar, you need and deserve a quality tool. Before you purchase anything, you should check a cigar cutter review first. Below we narrow the search down to seven cutters to help you consider which is the perfect cigar cutter for you.

Cigar Cutter Reviews:

Colibri V-Cut

If you love v-cut then Colibri v-cut cutter is the best cigar cutter for the money. The Colibri v-cut is made by heavy metal which makes it slightly heavier and the rubber finish makes the cutter stylish and feels great in hands.

The blades are made from stainless steel which is very sharp and provides a deep and clean cut. The blades have a spring-loaded release and the handles open with zero hesitation. Colibri V-Cut can easily handle large 60+ ring gauge cigar with very deep and clean cut. If you are searching for quality V-Cut cutter then it will be your go to cutter for the money.


What We Love

  • Strong and very sharp blade
  • Blades run smoothly
  • Comfortable in hands.

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Alaska Bear Cigar Cutter

Alaska bear cigar cutter
Alaska Bear receive our best cheap cigar cutter award. There is a common concern that cheap cutters are the waste of money but the Alaska Bear is a cigar cutter which makes the concept wrong. It is a go to cutter for a newbie.

The blades of the cutter are sharp enough. There are more sharpen cutter in the market but nothing is comparable to this one for the price. It is the most rated cutter on Amazon and the rating is 4.7 out of 5 with 900+ reviews. There are some negative reviews also and the main objection is that the blades are loose with the frame. But the great thing is that when they claimed that the seller was very responsive and gave them a replacement of the cutter. Alaska bear provides a good clean cut and feels comfortable in hands. You can spend your money on this cutter without any hesitation.

What We Love

  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Budget friendly and Cheap
  • Simple in design and clean cut.

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Table Top Quad Guillotine and V-Cut

Table Top Quad Guillotine and V-CutTable Top is one of the coolest desktop cutter although it is not travel-friendly but it is excellent for home/office/club use. There are four different types of cuts, 2 for v-cut and 2 for a guillotine of different size. If you love both the guillotine and v-cut then this table top cutter is perfect for you.

In terms of quality, this cutter Made To Last. There is a rubber plug on the bottom of the cutter and you can clean all the clippings inside it by opening the rubber plug easily. It is very easy to use. Just hold your cigar in position, pull down the handle and done. No installation is required, just open, unwrap the cutter and enjoy.


What We Love

  • Both Guillotine- and V-style cuts
  • Easy-to-use lever operation
  • Very solid construction

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Xikar Xi2 Cigar Cutter

Xikar is a well-known brand for their quality products and also Xikar gives a lifetime warranty for their cigar cutters. Although the black part of the cutter is made from plastic but overall construction is very solid. No pinching and feels good in hands. Blades are made from 440 stainless steel with and HRC (Rockwell Scale of Hardness, Part C) of 57 which makes the blades very sharp and also remain sharp for a long time.

Finally, the warranty of this product is unbeatable. “If you feel that it fails to live up to our promise of fit, finish, and function, simply return it to us and we will cheerfully repair or replace your product.” (Xikar website)

What We Love

  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Nice and clean cut
  • 440 stainless steel blades.

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Xikar Measures 3 Granite Gray

Xikar Measures 3 Granite Gray Cigar CutterAnother great product from Xikar. The mechanism of this product is very handy and smooth. Blades of this cutter made of stainless steel which is very sharp and provides nice and clean cut. You can spend your bucks on it without any hesitation because the cutter worth the value.

It is slightly heavier than other tools but it feels perfect in hands. Invest on quality Xikar product is never be the waste of money. Xikar provides a lifetime warranty on their products and their customer service is outstanding. You can easily repair or replace your product if you are not satisfied with the product.


What We Love

  • Guillotine double Blades
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Feels great in hands.

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Xikar VX V-Cut Cutter

This is V-Cutter from Xikar, but if you have used the Wolf V-Cutter from Xikar in the past then you know this is going to be a real treat. When I first heard of this new V-cutter from Xikar I got really excited, in the past this would not have been the case.

The Cutter is made in a factory that makes all the Xikar knifes and also brands such as Gerber and CRKT. So I know it is made with superb quality and workmanship.

Being that this cutter has a metal body it has more heft to it then the plastic Wolf V-Cutter, giving it a much better feel in the hand. The cutter has two large finger holes, and a large bowl to place the head of the cigar in for the cut.This large bowl makes it easier then most V-cutters I have used or tried to use in the past, and along with the large finger holes I don’t see anybody having problems holding or using this cutter.

There are two key factors to why this cutter works so well, of course the opening/bowl that you place the cigar head into. It is nice and deep, so you get a nice and deep cut with a wider opening then I have seen from other V-cuts. Part two is the blade, now the blade is very sharp but that is not the key to the good cut. Most blades on V-cutters start at a point and you are cutting the cigar from the inside (middle of the head) out. The blade on the Xikar is inverted, so you are cutting the cigar head from the outside moving in. This makes a very smooth clean cut with no tears to the wrapper at all. Read Full Review.

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Victorinox Swiss Army Cigar knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Cigar knifeIf you are a person who likes to punch cigar instead of the guillotine or V-Cut cut then this Victorinox Swiss army cigar knife is just for you. It has three laser sharpened circular punches of different sizes. Just punch on the end of the cigar for cutting nice and clean round incision. It also includes mini-scissor, a knife blade, and a nail file/cleaner.

This compact and sturdy swiss knife is easy to carry in the pocket without being too bulky and also comfortable in hand. The high price is the only complaint of this product but the quality of the product definitely worth the value. So if you smoke cigars of different size and like to punch them, this tool is perfect for you. It is a classy tool for any cigar aficionado.

What We Love

  • 3 different size punches.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Classic Design.

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Visol VCUT30003

Visol VCUT30003 Cigar CutterThis square shaped cigar cutter is unique in design. It is one of perfect cigar cutter for those persons who are always looking for different and unique design. This cutter looks fabulous and feels great in hand. It has a trigger on top and the spring loaded arm of the cutter come out after rotating the trigger. 

The mechanism of the cutter is very smooth. Also, the polishing on the cutter is smooth which feels very good in hand and in the pocket. This heavy and well-made cutter provides a very sharp and clean cut.

What We Love

  • Unique Design.
  • Smooth Mechanism.
  • Very good quality.

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Colibri Tonino Lamborghini Cigar Cutter

Colibri Tonino Lamborghini Cigar CutterMade by the iconic Colibri company, this impressive Colibri cigar cutter is the beautiful fusion of Colibri design and Lamborghini style. Made of polished stainless steel, yet weighing just under 5 ounces, the Tonino is any aficionado’s dream.

Its surgical grade steel blades will cut through your favorite cigars with ease and precision, unleashing a palate of flavors that you could only dream of. A cross of two iconic names in their respective industries, the Colibri Tonino Lamborghini cigar cutter is the cutter for any connoisseur. This cutter available in 8 different colors so you have the option of choosing your favorite color for this awesome cutter.

This cutter feels very solid in the hand and cuts up to 54-Ring Gauge Cigars. This will be a great deal to buy this cutter for the finish, operation and overall performance of this cutter. But I am not satisfied with the warranty (2 years) of this cutter comparing lifetime warranty of Xikar.

What We Love

  • Feels very solid in hand.
  • Smooth Mechanism.
  • Very sharp design
  • Surgical Stainless Steel Blade Cuts the cigars with extreme precisely.

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Xikar Xi3 3D Mayan Cigar Cutter

Xikar Xi3 3D Mayan Cigar CutterThe visually stunning Xikar Xi3 Mayan cigar cutter is one of my favorites. From the heralded Xikar Xi3 line, comes this spectacular cutter that is bound to land you some compliments. Coated with the same high-performance titanium nitride coating as the other Xi3 cutter, the Mayan will also cut your best cigars perfectly with its surgical grade stainless steel.

If you’re looking for an incredible, unique cutter, the Xikar Xi3 Mayan is for you. It is slightly heavier than other Xikar cutters but it feels really good in hand. This cutter also comes with a lifetime warranty like other Xikar products so don’t need to worry about getting dull your cutter. If so happen then you can replace/repair your cutter from Xikar.

The only disadvantage of this cutter is the very high price but believe me, if you’re ready to spend the money then you will get the best cigar cutter available in the market.

What We Love

  • Stylish design
  • Solid grip and precise cut
  • Very Smooth
  • Lifetime warranty

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What Makes The “Perfect” Cutter

Before you purchase anything just yet, you should know what you’re looking for in your new cigar cutter. This helps you know what cigar cutter to buy. With everything life, there is a demand for balance. Thus with the creation of a variety of different shaped cigars naturally come multiple types of cutters. Parejo, Pyramid, Torpedo, Perfecto, Presidente. These are your standard cigar shapes. Although you “can” use any cutter with a cigar, there may be a better way of doing so.

Know Your Needs

It’s important to know which type of cigar cutter you are about to purchase. In the cigar world, everything is a matter of preference. What’s better, you get to have it exactly how you like. The best type of cigar cutter is the one that you prefer the most. Appearance, feel, weight. These are just as important as how it cuts. As far as buying your cigars online, you can order exactly what you are looking for. Any combination of strength, spice and aroma can be had.
A tragic occurrence is a cigar you don’t like, or what’s even worse, a cigar you love with a cut you loathe. Although the amount of options may be overwhelming when you first begin exploring cigars and the essential cutter, it’s important to try as many new flavors and cuts as you can. You don’t know what you don’t like until you know what you like.

Back on focus with cutters, they are all very similar once you narrow your options down to the type. But still they each have their differences, and this is where it counts. Depending on how you intend to use, or rather, where you intend to use the cutter will impact which cutter is actually the “best” one.

Choosing The Right Cutter

Different types of cutter slice the cap in different ways. A V-cut does exactly that. It digs a wedge type cut into the cap and allows for a deeper cut, less build up and a heavier draw. Quality V-cuts help prevent cutting too deeply. Punch cuts “punch” their way into a cigar. Imagine a cigar was a bank vault, it would be how George Clooney would break into it. It hollows a small hole at the end of the cigar to draw smoke from. This leaves the rest of wrapper intact. If you’re smoking smaller gauge cigars, this is an option to consider. Most are portable enough to carry on your key chain.

Your traditional and most common double blade cutterswork together to meet in the middle, closing the cutter and separating the cap from the cigar. Be careful with this type of cutter. It will take a few attempts with any cutter, but this type especially. These types are more susceptible to cutting too deep. Once you do, you can’t go back. Also, until you’ve been using it for a while, you may struggle to get the same cut twice. Don’t be discouraged, this is generally the most preferred. It’s a versatile tool and it does not take long. The guillotine cutter or any double bladed cutter is the type of cigar cutter we’d recommend to buy. We consider these types of cigar cutters the best for majority of cigars and situations.

Believe me, there is no quicker way to learn something when your precious cigars are at stake. With anything cigar, quality is the most basic necessity.
Unless you’re collecting cutters, it should be the first thing you consider. Especially with something that isn’t used just once. Expect to have your cutter for some period of time as, a lifetime. When you’re looking through a cigar cutter review, make sure it mentions the quality before you consider it any further.
At least, that’s how long it really should last. Quality cutters do not dull over one cigar box of usage. The first cutter I purchased is still the one I use to this day. The cut is still as accurate, and the burn ever so even.

A cutter is one of those things that will last as long as until you lose it ( which, among a few other reasons are a good reasons to buy a few spares ). So another consideration is appearance.
Yeah, you may only see it when it’s wrapped between your fingers or when you forget to put it away.
Though if you’re anything like the writer of such topics, you like to show things off. My wooden tabletop has been the source of some interesting conversations.

The shape of a cigar has little do with the taste of a cigar. The strength, flavor and aromas are all accredited to the tobacco and quality. Thank the growers for the taste. When it comes down to smoking, it’s all a matter of preference. A box pressed cigar is a far different experience than your typical rounded cigar. It can also be the difference between a favorite and a worst. These are things to take into consideration before you make a decision.

With everything life, there is a demand for balance. Thus, the creation of multiple types of cigar cutters. Deciding which is the best cigar cutter is a matter of preference and only influences your enjoyment of the cigar as so. We appreciate you to check out our top cigar cutter reviews.

If Anything Else…

There’s always cigar hacks!

Types of Cigar Cutter:-

The Guillotine Cutter

Guillotine is the most popular than another type due to its low price and can be carried easily in trouser or shirt pocket. This type of cutter also known as a straight cut cutter. There are two types of guillotine cutter- one blade guillotine and double blade guillotine.

You can choose either one blade or double blade guillotine but the double blade is more preferable. Double blades will give you more clean and precise cut. 

The Punch cutter:

The punch cutter comes with three different styles, a bullet punch, multi-punch and a Havana punch but all of them work in the same way. The first one is a bullet-shaped cutter that’s why it is called bullet punch cutter.  The punch cutter is used to cut a hole back of the cigar and very easy to use.

V-cut Cutter:

V-cut is another type of cigar cutter which looks like a guillotine but it doesn’t work like that. It makes a notch into the cigar cap instead of removing it completely.

It is completely depend on your personal preference which cutter type you will buy. However, we have compiled a list of the best cigar cutters available in the market. We have also compiled a list of the best cigar humidor in the market. Check here.

How to Cut, Light, Smoke and Enjoy a Premium Hand-Rolled Cigar

When I first started smoking cigars back when I was a teenager, I smoked them to celebrate with friends and to look cool, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Most of the times I would get machine made cigars, most notably the ones with the wooden tips. I smoked to smoke and I didn’t overly enjoy it, however it was fun and I was with my friends. I puffed the hell out of those cigars and it was more about who could produce the most smoke out of their cigar, rather than enjoying the flavor from the cigar.

I didn’t start getting serious about cigars till my twenties when I started smoking premium handmade cigars, the ones that you actually needed a cutter for. I watched my Dad smoke cigars by the campfire and tried to replicate it, but to me cigars still tasted awful. I scoured the internet and found some helpful information but it wasn’t enough. The cigar industry is sort of an underground brotherhood and doesn’t get much attention from the masses. This article is to help the newer cigar smoker enjoy their cigars and to appreciate a premium hand rolled cigar for what it is.

Slowing Down and How to Smoke a Cigar

The best tips I can give to a new cigar smoker are slow down and realize that you are smoking cigars to relax and to enjoy the flavor of your cigar. To get good flavor from your cigar you have to smoke slowly. It isn’t a race. The most important aspect of cigars is the flavor. Generally I suggest taking a good puff from your cigar about every 30 seconds. You don’t have to count it in your head but if you puff on your cigar too much the cigar will burn hot and the flavor of your cigar will not be good. Take some small puffs too.

To draw smoke from your cigar, gently draw smoke from your cigar almost like sipping a good scotch or wine. Keep the smoke in your mouth for a couple seconds and savor the flavor and aroma, then gently exhale. Also do NOT inhale the smoke of your cigar. Cigars are made with different tobacco than cigarettes and are much stronger.

Cutting your Cigar

The thing that makes most experienced cigar enthusiast cringe the most is when someone will take a cutter and lob the entire head of the cigar off. If you examine your cigar you should see a cap that was placed by the torcedor. You can use that cap as a guide to tell you where you need to cut your cigar.

Generally speaking you want to cut above the cap which will leave you the right amount of exposed cigar to draw from. I like to tell people to just nix the top of the cigar. You can always cut further if need be. Cutting the entire head off of your cigar can lead to a poor mouth feel and the wrapper of your cigar unraveling on you.

Lighting your Cigar

Whether you are lighting your cigar with matches or a cigar lighter it is important to remember to slow down while lighting you cigar. Getting an even light is much more important that getting your cigar light fast. Again, this isn’t a race. When lighting a cigar with matches make sure to use cigar matches instead of paper matches which are meant to light cigarettes and you’ll end up burning your fingers. Strike your match and be sure to let the sulfur burn off before you begin to toast your cigar. Be sure not to let the flame touch the cigar. All you are doing is using the heat from the flame to light your cigar.

When it comes to toasting your cigar with a lighter, do not use lighters with lighter fluid such as a Zippo. The gas smell can affect the flavor of your cigar thus negatively affecting your overall experience with the cigar. The same concept applies when lighting your cigar with a lighter. Try not to let the flame from the lighter touch the cigar. You don’t want to scorch the tobacco; this will negatively affect the flavor of your cigar.

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    Xikar Xi3 3D Mayan is the best cigar cutter I ever used. Awesome cutter.


  2. Daniel

    September 6, 2017 at 5:01 pm

    Xikar Xi3 3D Mayan obviously is very good performer in case of cutting and style but it is very expensive. However, Colibri V-Cut cutter is my favorite.


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    Thanks buddy.. Nice collection of cigar cutter.


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