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Car ashtrays are perfect for keeping a car’s interior like the floor, dashboard and seats clean from ashes and butts. For people who smoke in their cars, one common problem is either the lack of an ashtray, or one within easy reach to dispose of the cigarette waste. That’s where car ashtrays come in. They are usually portable cup-sized containers that will fit into the cup holders, so it’s a decent size and handy to use.

Read on for more information and tips on selecting the best car ashtray for your needs. In a hurry to get to the right model? Check out the Top Car Ashtrays review.


By keeping the ashes and cigarette butts within a covered cup, they help to minimize the odors from smoking. A number of these car ashtrays are designed to snuff out the cigarettes when you drop them, getting rid of lingering cigarette smoke at the end. This not only keeps car’s interior tidy, it also reduces second hand smoke and smells for family members and other passengers. It definitely provides for a more pleasant ride for the person smoking as well as all passengers.

It’s also kinder to the environment. You will no longer need to flick ashes and butts off into the streets. That can always be a fire hazard as you never know where the lighted ashes and butts may fall or be blown off to. People have been known to receive fines and angry comments for throwing the butts onto streets as well.

If you are shopping for a good ashtray for your car, here are the main points to consider and review:


Size is an important feature of a car ashtray simply because it should not be taking up a lot of space within the car, but yet large enough to hold a good number of butts before it needs to be emptied out. Many use cupholder ashtrays for cars, and find the size just right.


The ashtray should be located in a convenient location within the car where the person can easily reach while driving. That’s why the most popular car ashtrays are cup-holder sized.


Having a portable car ashtray that can be carried around easily helps that person dispose of the cigarette butts easily. The portability quality would also mean that it allows for the person to not only use the ash tray for the car, but also when they step outside the car during the course of travel. A cup holder ashtray can also double as a cigarette waste disposal ashtray for the home, office or outdoors.

Lights On The Ashtray

A number of car ash tray models contain lights around the rim. This is a useful feature to have when driving at night. It makes smoking at night easier and more relaxed, knowing you can easily use the ashtray.

Power Source

For car ashtrays that come with lights or smoke drawing fans (ie. smokeless ashtrays), a power source is needed. They may need to use a car charger adapter, or batteries. For some users, this may be a hassle, while for others, it is not a big deal. You just need to choose what suits you best. Use of batteries may not be a bad idea, as it allows the ashtray cup to work even away from the car.

Smokeless Car Ashtrays

Smokeless car ashtrays reduces the amount of smoking fumes and odor even further than regular car ashtrays. They usually have a motor that will suck in the smoke from a lit cigarette and passing this through a carbon filter. The smoke gets filtered through to become clean air. The main downside is that because the motors need to be fitted in within a small cup, there is less space for storing used butts. Otherwise, a smokeless car ashtray is an excellent choice if you need to cut down further on the smoke and odors.

Keep these points in mind as you shop for the best car ashtray that can help you. Based on our research, we have compiled a list of the top 5 best car ashtrays that rate well on the above factors.

Top Best Car Ashtrays Review

Car ashtrays are helps to keep your car’s interior organized and clean. If you smoke a lot in the car, it is not unusual for ashes to get on the dashboard or seats. You may also prefer to have a safe and convenient way to dispose of the butts.

Ashtrays for cars are typically cupholder sized receptacles that will snuff out cigarette butts as you drop them into the cup. It goes a lot way in cutting down the smoke, ashes and lingering odors that comes with smoking. It’s a great item to have that will reduce the smell and second hand smoke for the car passengers as well.

If you like to get one, here are the top options we found:

VIMVIP Portable Stainless Auto Car Cigarette/Cigar Ashtray

This one is my first choice for car ashtray for its nice, fashionable and clean design.  VIMVIP Portable Stainless Auto Car Cigarette Ashtray easily fits in most car cup holder.

The price of this ashtray around $12 but it doesn’t look cheap at all and it will be a great buy for the money. The inner LED light makes this ashtray convenient to use at night time. The lid is very well sealed and you will not get any cigar/cigarette smell when the lid is closed.

Car Mate CZ48A Black Solar Powered Ash Tray with LED Light

This portable car ashtray is one of the higher rated ashtray by users. It has LED illumination, an easy to see snuffer hole, and is also 120% brighter when compared to earlier products. This can be described as a cup holder ashtray as this ashtray fits the car cup holder perfectly. The LED lights allow it to be easily accessible for night time smoking. The lights are solar powered, so you do not have to worry about batteries or dangling attachments to the cigarette lighter power source.

With an average score of 4.1 stars over 5 stars from 41 users on Amazon, you can tell that most users are happy with this portable car ashtray. They attest to the quality of this car ashtray. They say that it is lasting and works better than others they have tried.

Bell Automotive 22-1-39263-8 Ash Tray with Solar Powered Lighting

Priced affordably, this ashtray is solar powered and lights up when the lid is raised in the dark. The light color also changes because of its rotating color ring, which makes it unique compared to other car ashtrays. Cigarette butts get snuffed out as they are dropped into the cup. Made by Bell Automotive, this product has received more than 250 user reviews on Amazon.

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