• Ring: 6X52 (Belicoso)
  • Tobacco:
    • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun-grown
    • Binder: Dominican Republic
    • Filler: Dominican Republic
  • Acquired: April 2nd 2011
  • Smoked: April 3rd 2011
  • Price: ~$12.50
  • Beverage: None
  • Cut Method: Xikar Cutter
  • Method of lighting: Xikar Triple Torch Flame Lighter
  • Smoke Time: 70 min (+ or -)
  • Times Ashed: 2
  • Twitter Name: @AvoCigars
  • Official Website: http://www.avo.com/

Initial Thoughts:


The AVO Line of cigars is currently owned by Davidoff.  The AVO 80th Anniversary edition cigar is a tribute to the line’s namesake: Avo Uvezian.  Avo is quite a character and continues to hit the road and promote his brand. In fact word has it he will be in the Austin area sometime this month.  The 80th Anniversary is a belicoso shape.  The story is that Avo’s first cigar made was a belicoso so to celebrate 80 years making cigars it was just natural to go back to the roots.  

Avo Uvezian was born in 1926, into a musical family of Armenian extraction living in Beirut.  His father was a composer and conductor of a symphony orchestra, his mother a gifted singer. The dream of this talented young pianist was a great career as a musician.  His ability and enormous commitment – still evident to this day – brought him success at an early age. … Avo, a polyglot, also established himself as a businessman. Travelling to Puerto Rico in the nineteen eighties, he opened a restaurant and a piano bar.  It was in Puerto Rico that Avo discovered his love of cigars which was to become his second great passion.  As a perfectionist par excellence, he very soon had his own AVO cigars rolled and gave them away to his guests, with whom they were in great demand. It was however his five-year-old daughter who was to prove the inspiration for his business acumen. When one of Avo’s listeners at the pool bar asked him for a cigar, she said: “Daddy, if he wants another one, let him pay for it.” Perhaps that was the decisive signal to open up his second passion to a wider audience. The path from connoisseur to cigar composer was just a matter of time. – Source: Avo.com

For this review I smoked two of these fine looking cigars. In each case the wrapper was an uniformed light brown with little or no blemishes noticeable.  The wrapper leaf was essentially vein free and smooth.  The body of the cigar was overall dense but a couple soft spots were noticed. However, these soft spots would ultimately have no impact on the burn.  The wrapper leaf was not very oily but it wasn’t completely dry either.  The caps were seamless and well made.

To much of my disappointment the band on one of the cigars was quite stuck to the wrapper leaf thus when removed a good chunk of wrapper leaf went with it. The other AVO 80th Cigar I smoked did not have this problem.  With the cap removed both cigars had good air flow on the cold-draws with medium pull present.  On the cold draw flavors of nutmeg mixed with a creaminess were noticed.

With the cigar burning the first half was a mix of caramel notes with hints of spice.  Sweet floral notes started to develop toward the one-third mark.  The smoke was well balanced and not overpowering. As the smoke progressed cedar notes entered the mix and the smoke became more rich. The strength always remained tempered and did not overwhelm. Despite the rich, complex nature of this smoke it tends to be mellow and relaxing. The burn line remains even during the smoke, except for the one cigar where the wrapper leaf was pulled away by the band.

The results are in!

This cigar is defined by a well balanced, well blended, relaxing, mellow smoke. The finish on this cigar is clean and does not stick around with you like some lesser cigars.  This is a very good cigar and if you like AVO then this is AVO at it’s best. Get one while you can.  

Cigar Rant’s Rating: Very Good

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