5 Vegas Limitada 2009 Review

The Facts:

5 Vegas Limitada 2009 (Belicosos)

Ring Gauge: 6.2 X 52

Tobacco: Dominican Corojo Wrapper filled with Cuban-Seed Dominican Criollo long filler

Bought: October 30th 2009

Smoked November 4th 2009

Price: $2.59 a stick purchased during a special at Cigar.com (reg. $10.00)

Beverage: Starbucks Iced Tea

Smoke Time: 1 hour 00 minutes


5 Vegas Limitada

Initial Thoughts:

Well I have heard a lot of hype about this cigar. The thing about reviewing a well hyped cigar is trying to not let your high expectations get in the way of an otherwise good smoke.  Also to be honest the pressure and hope was on for a good review as who would believe otherwise? Well, I let the cigar sit in my humidor for a few days to “settle down” after it’s ride through the mail. It arrived well packed and in a protective plastic wrapper. When I took it out of the wrapper it felt somewhat hard to the touch. I noticed that the wrapper was smooth but lumpy in some spots (result of shipping?).  The lumps did not look like dings, bends, or crushed marks. They looked like to be originating from the inside.  The wrapper was a nice consistent medium brown and was not oily but was not dry either.  Lastly, I was pleased to see that there was already the formation of a very tiny amount of plume. No not mold, as there were tiny white crystals. Now mind you not a lot, but they were there.

The Light Up:

The cap cut off no problem, however, I made my cut well above the end of the cap and the wrapper leaf started to come off!!!!! Oh, I was bumped! Not to get too crud but some saliva seemed to hold it back together.  I lit the cigar and got an even distribution of flame but one side started to burn faster. The ash though was brittle/crumbly and gray.  The aroma was pleasant and it sat full-bodied on the pallet. I detected some licorice notes, and of course pepper as is common with the Cuban lineage of cigars.  The initial draw was effortless.

25% and we have evened the race!

I am pleased to say that the burn has evened itself out without the need for a corrective re-light. The ash continues to be brittle and gray. The ash has fallen off a couple of times already.  At rest the cigar continues to burn even and true.  The cigar opened up into full spiciness with some zings of pepper.  There is also an underlying taste and aroma of cider.  The aroma continues to satisfy and there is no harshness to this cigar.  There is absolutely a complexity to the taste and aroma which almost defies explanation.  The draw continues to be virtually effortless.

50% and making a mess, but the taste is great!

The cigar has taken on kind of a smooth woody pepper taste. The cigar still sits heavy and fully bodied on the pallet.  The burn is even and at rest continues on just fine. No relights or touch-ups. The ash is my biggest complaint as it seems to be very brittle. I am getting a bunch of ash all over my table. Fortunately, I have yet to drop ash on my laptop but I sense the inevitable will happen. The burn rate is about even and proceeding nicely.  The draw continues as has been the case – effortless.  I am pleased to report that the little wrapper mishap that occurred during cutting has not caused any problems. So far the cigar is holding together just fine.

75% Surprise! Sweet!

Much to my surprise the cigar as it was ending the 50% mark and starting about the 60% mark started to show off it’s sweet side.  As some young or rushed cigars start becoming harsh around this point this cigar did not display any of that. It opened up and got going! To state the obvious, it started off as full-bodied and it will end full-body. The woody, spicy, taste and aroma continues to please. There is no harsh after taste and in facts leaves an almost coffee like taste in the mouth. Again, this cigar is complex and trying to pin down exact description is hard.  There is so much going on in this cigar that it it eludes exact words.  The burn started to become a little uneven but nothing too extreme.

The Results are in!

Overall, the taste was great and aroma was complex and fulfilling.  The cigar was heavy and left a pleasant taste in the mouth.  The cigar never required a relight or touch ups.  The initial score was a 91 (A-) but because I am somewhat of a perfectionist I subtracted an additional 2 points for the initial wrapper incident, and another -2 for the start of a very uneven burn. I feel this is generous as a wrapper malfunction would normally require huge deductions but since it was minor I decided to go a little light.  I believe that with some additional aging in the humidor this cigar will score perfect in the taste category.

Rating: Good

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