5 Vegas Cask-Strength II Toro Review

5 Vegas Cask-Strength II Toro

Ring Gauge: 6×52

Tobacco: Corojo wrapper from Nicaragua with Nicaraguan and Honduras ligero filler.

Bought: November 2nd 2009

Smoked November 10th 2009

Price: $2.59 a stick purchased during a special at Cigar.com (reg. $6.75)

Beverage: None

Smoke Time: 2 hour 00 minutes


Initial Thoughts:

Normally when you think of cask-strength you think alcohol. Well these cigars come boxed 20 to a barrel.  The wrapper is Cuban-seed and was oozing with oil. The wrapper was a medium to dark brown and perfectly smooth. This cigar is boxed pressed, thus it was a firm cigar, and it had no external flaws. The color was consistent and the cap construction was perfect.  Even before the light you could smell the complex aroma which this cigar packs.

The Smoke…

Wow! Is an understatement. Once the cap was cut off (which went smoothly) the light was even and easy. The first taste was amazing. The cedar, spice, pepper, chocolate, coffee, rich creamy tobacco hit your tongue in a complex cascade of flavors. My nose was doing back flips trying to identify all the wonderful smells.  The ash grew a nice firm gray hinting at the wonderful internal construction. No harshness or bitterness here. The cigar started off as medium body but gradually grew in intensity. This is not a cigar for an empty stomach but would go great after a nice steak dinner. The cigar burned evenly and no relight was required.  No wrapper flaws or malfunctions occurred.  It was truly a challenge to not just inhale this cigar in one long draw. Speaking of draw, the draw was, in my mind perfect. It allowed for a steady flow of air and flavor without making you have to work too hard to get there.

The Results are in!

A cigar full of flavor. I will be interested to see how this beast ages. A strong buy!

Rating: Excellent

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