3 Reasons To Smoke A Cigar

Last updated on September 8th, 2017 at 05:25 pm

Anyone who has never smoked a cigar is missing quite a treat. People smoke cigars for many reasons and occasions and though these may differ depending on who you ask, three are commonly stated by the most avid smokers. Cigars taste great, smoking them is relaxing, and the practice carries with it an air of class.

smoking cigar

For some, the taste experience begins before the cigar is lit. That pre-lit taste provides a hint of the journey the cigar has made. Harvesting, aging, fermenting, and rolling take time and effort. During fermenting, harsh chemicals are released from the leaf, resulting in the beloved aroma and taste. Cigar rollers work magic that joins the flavors of the various tobaccos to create a uniform taste.

As the smoke brings a new taste, the smoker enjoys the experience, recognizing that smoking itself is an occasion. Cigar smoking relaxes the mind and body and is often enjoyed with friends. When paired with a snifter of brandy, it makes the perfect night cap. We reflect upon our day while watching the smoke waft from the tip.

The excitement that is felt when lighting up an expensive cigar that has been aged for several years is aristocratic, in a way. People treat themselves by purchasing cigars after a great accomplishment at work or to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. A cigar looks elegant and has an indulgent taste. It is associated with royalty and heads of state and we place ourselves in their ranks when we smoke one.

If friends or family members who have passed away enjoyed cigars, smoking the brand reminds us of them. The smoke holds memories of good times and ties that do not break due to death. The cigar becomes a celebration of their life, something to be embraced and savored whenever possible.


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