Cigar Caddy 3240 10 Cigar Waterproof Travel Humidor Review

10 Cigar Caddy reviewHaving a 10 cigar Caddy travel humidor will prove to be handy in case you are off for a long journey and need to carry cigars. Being made in USA by Otter Box, it offers maximum resistance to crushes. Available in a solid black color, you can find all the features in this cigar humidor that you have been looking for. If you a water-sport enthusiast, then you require this cigar case. The best part of this handy humidor is that it is provided with a lifetime guarantee. You would be surprised to know that it is watertight and offers protection in such a way that your cigars will remain intact even after going down under for more than 100 feet.

The case is manufactured with resin that is enabled with a fiber glass. The stylish looks coupled with features like airtight will make this 10-cigar Caddy one of the most sought after products.
It can safely contain 10 cigars of any make including those that are of Churchill length. Available at most of the online retailers including, you can purchase it for an affordable price. Internally, it is provided with foam material that ensures that your cigars remain fresh withstanding most extreme of the situations. Purchase it for an attractive discount at any of the major stores.

It is ideal to gift this 10-cigar Caddy for someone you like. Being a personalized cigar humidor, it perfectly sets inside your golf bag or briefcase offering you maximum portability. The rugged case has been designed to be strong and will not get destroyed even after frequent falls. Moreover, the sleek body is so handy to carry that you are tempted to keep it with you always. It floats when placed on water, which means that it is not only compact but also light in weight. Cigars stored in this case remain moist for several weeks.

cigar caddy 10 cigar review

One way to make sure that you are buying the right product is that the seal remains unbroken. A humidifier is provided though you may not require one. However, you can place a drop or two whenever you feel like keeping your cigars moist. Have a 10-cigar Caddy for windy conditions too. A majority of the people choose this product as it offers the much needed safety against abnormal situations. With the availability of a companion like this Caddy, you hardly find in need of any other articles. Own it in case you are looking for both quality as well as quantity. However, check our reviews on travel humidors here.

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