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The History of Whiskey

Records show that distillation began around 2000 BC in Mesopotamia. This process was primarily used to produce perfumes. It spread to Africa and then was brought to Europe by the Moors. It was first used in Europe at monasteries for medicinal purposes, such as treating smallpox, colic and palsy. It …

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How To Wash, Clean & Maintain Whiskey Stones?

How To Wash, Clean & Maintain Whiskey Stones

Last updated on December 31st, 2017 at 09:08 am Soapstone is a metamorphic, non-porous rock composed principally of talc, magnesium, silicate and chlorate. Soaprock is a stain-resistant surface, and thus is relatively easy to maintain, which explains why a lot of luxury kitchen counters are made with it. But what about cleaning our whiskey stones, do they get …

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Xikar VX V-Cut Cigar Cutter Review

Xikar VX V-Cut Cigar cutter

Last updated on January 11th, 2018 at 02:11 amThis is V-Cutter from Xikar, but if you have used the Wolf V-Cutter from Xikar in the past then you know this is going to be a real treat. When I first heard of this new V-cutter from Xikar I got really …

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What Are Whiskey Stones? Our Wiki Answer!

What Are Whiskey Stones?

Who doesn’t like whisky or whiskey? The nectar of sophistication is more than a drink…it is a signature fashion statement. One of the major conundrums of a whiskey drinker is how to chill the whiskey without diluting it. Yes, we all have been there. Ice and chilled water definitely adulterate the …

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Whiskey or Whisky?

What’s in A Word: Whisky or Whiskey? What whiskey will not cure, there is no cure for. Old Irish proverb Whisky is the Scots English spelling for Whiskey, which is the Irish-English spelling of the word – in the United States, the Irish spelling is generally preferred, in the UK …

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Are Factory Overruns Cigars a Good Deal or are they Gimmicks?

You may have seen factory overruns of cigars available on your favorite online cigar store. Many of them come in bundles of 10, 15, 20 or more. They are sometimes advertised as … They are however not described as damaged or beyond use. With the huge gap in the price – often times more than 50% less than the non-overrun cigars – these cigars seem like a great deal. Are they a waste of time or a great deal for the budget cigar smoker?

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Is Cigar Smoking Right for Me?

This is an honest question and one you have to ask yourself before you start investing time, money and your social capital in this hobby. The Health Costs of Smoking Cigars

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Best Tobacco Pipes Reviews & Buyers Guide

best tobacco pipe

When you’re in the market for the least expensive tobacco pipes it’s not too hard to get caught up in a search for the cheapest price possible. Too tell the truth , this way is not always to most recommended way. There are times when it’s you are better off spending a little more up front in order to get a much better value in your pipe.

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Why You Should Choose Handmade Cigars?

When choosing the right cigar, a significant amount of merit should be given to its creation method. Machine made cigars typically offer a lower price, but by doing so, also usually sacrifice quality. Examples of machine made cigars include Dutch Masters, Swisher, Phillies, etc.

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How to Choose Your First Cigar and Buying it

After you have taken the time to decide whether or not taking up cigar smoking is right for you, you are ready to choose your first cigar(s) and start a wonderful new hobby. This guide will go over how to choose the right cigar, based on length, color, brand, ring gauge, budget and a host of other ideas.

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