Butane Lighter Refill

How to Refill Butane Lighter Safely!

Butane Lighter Refill: Do not refill a lighter in a small closed space, such as a car, or any small cabin, shed etc. Be sure you always keep lighters and the refills away from children. Fire is fascinating to young children and it is important they do not have access to these items. It could produce unforgivable results.

store a cigar

Why Does it Matter How You Store a Cigar?

Purchasing a box of cigars is an investment. A cigar can be aged for many years, and its flavor will improve as it gets older; but only if it is stored properly. If it isn’t, however, a variety of environmental factors can result in your investment being ruined completely. This can take place in a remarkably short period of time.

Xi MTX Multi cigar tool

Xi MTX Multi-Tool Review

I got my hands on one of these while at the IPCPR Trade Show. I misplaced it and found it about a month ago. So Ive been using it for the past month to see what I think of it.   Here are the details from the site regarding the tool. As you can see

how to light, burn and smoke a cigar.

How to Light, Burn and Smoke a Cigar!

When a person learns how to cut a cigar, the next step is mastering how to light it and then how to burn it properly. Once a cigar has been cut and light, the most enjoyable part follows .Smoking a cigar is an experience unlike any other and is something to be savored.

Cigar Questions and answers

Common Cigar Questions and Answers!

I’m not much more than a cigar rookie myself and I’m not going to pretend to have all the right answers and try to fool anyone into thinking I’m one of these cigar experts but I’ve picked up a few things and for those who may be entering the wonderful world of cigar smoking might