Xi MTX Multi cigar tool

Xi MTX Multi-Tool Review

I got my hands on one of these while at the IPCPR Trade Show. I misplaced it and found it about a month ago. So Ive been using it for the past month to see what I think of it.   Here are the details from the site regarding the tool. As you can see

how to light, burn and smoke a cigar.

How to Light, Burn and Smoke a Cigar!

When a person learns how to cut a cigar, the next step is mastering how to light it and then how to burn it properly. Once a cigar has been cut and light, the most enjoyable part follows .Smoking a cigar is an experience unlike any other and is something to be savored.

Cigar Questions and answers

Common Cigar Questions and Answers!

I’m not much more than a cigar rookie myself and I’m not going to pretend to have all the right answers and try to fool anyone into thinking I’m one of these cigar experts but I’ve picked up a few things and for those who may be entering the wonderful world of cigar smoking might

humidor humidifier

Heart Of The Humidor – The Humidifier!

The true heart of the humidor is not your prized cigars you keep in it. Indeed the real heart and soul of this magical box, is the one crucial element that breathes life into them. Ok, you already might know what I’m talking about.       Humidor Humidifier Device  Humidor humidifier device is that most

Cigar 101- Cigar Accessories Review

Cigar 101- You Should Know!

So You Want to Start Smoking Cigars       When you first begin smoking cigars it might seem mind blowing how many cigar manufacturers are out there. Many new smokers have a tendency to do one of a few things that might seem logical at the time but are really just counterproductive. So lets list those